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lakagol posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd June 2010 10:56pm for Seek

such a promising fic this was, but you ruined. Arthur Weasley can't be the minister of magis, he is a nobody, poor, untalented, whipped, etc.
You can't put fudge in jail without proves, it was just a letter, you make it seems like the minister is full of idiots and imbecils but that can't be because you have to score really high in NEWTS to enter there as an auror or something else, Idiots and imbecils don't score high.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 17th November 2006 9:55am for Seek

Good one.


Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 11th April 2006 3:52pm for Seek

Wow! Harry got a lot more done with that letter about Fudge than he thought he would. It is poetic justice that he ended up in Harry's cell.
Harry had quite a get together with Cho. It went a lot farther than I thought it would. Poor Ginny. It is going to be more difficult for her than she thinks. I look forward to more. Thanks for writing. pms

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Wednesday 15th February 2006 10:55am for Seek

The old man blushes a little at the last bit.

Poor Ginny. I hate it when she is hurt when Harry goes for other girls.

But this is a great Harry/Cho you have going here.