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Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Thursday 7th February 2008 8:09pm for Into the Lair

Oh my, I can't believe you've ended it here - great story! Are you going to continue this? I sure hope so. What a strange but wonderful cross-over The Dark knight & Highlander. Thank you.

razor_M posted a comment on Sunday 19th August 2007 1:08pm for Into the Lair

Bugger, bugger, bugger. I hate cliffies. I really do. This is a cool story, so please consider continuing it.

brad posted a comment on Saturday 31st March 2007 3:45am for Into the Lair

I read - and enjoyed - this weeks ago, but my computer was in the midst of being rebuilt (lots of fun with a hitherto unknown bug in a ten-year-old application which deleted *ALL* the files on my machine) so it was hard to review.

This is the only fanfic I'm reading which features Highlander immortals (I've skimmed some of Crys's work a while ago) and I continue to enjoy how you're crossing it over so neatly with Batman. It's still great fun to have you/Batman show me some of the neat twists possible with immortality, even down to the 'real' sword lesson - 'without having to worry about ... even killing his opponent' - with lethal blows. 'Ryan estimated that he had died more often in the past couple of hours than he had in his entire life'. Heh.

I don't know who Cassandra is, but I'm looking forward to the next chapter ... I guess they going to be faced with the Big Bad himself?

robster72 posted a comment on Wednesday 7th February 2007 4:14am for Into the Lair

Great stuff! I do like the way you write the Batman and I'm looking forward to seeing who this immortal character is!

Michael5 posted a comment on Tuesday 30th January 2007 2:18pm for Into the Lair

This is an amazing cross-over. thanks for this storyline, I look forward to more...

Michael D, LA, CA

David posted a comment on Friday 26th January 2007 7:29pm for Into the Lair

Hey Im a new reader, names David, your story is cool as hell.

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 17th January 2007 1:36pm for Into the Lair

A very good chapter but, a cliffy! Thanks for writing. I look forward to the next update. pms

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Wednesday 17th January 2007 10:24am for Into the Lair

Definitely getting to be an interesting crossover with a nice touch of humor. I'm enjoying same. ;)

aemon_targaryen posted a comment on Wednesday 17th January 2007 1:34am for Into the Lair

I love that you're continuing this story. I understand that writing time is at a premium with the new addition to the family, so I thought you had gone on hiatus for a while. I love how you have Chessman intimidated by the Batman-it provides balance to the mortal/Immortal relationship. I don't remember Cassandra that well from the series-she's had some past dealings with Methos and the Four Horsemen, yes? I'm curious to see who the leader of this Immortal cabal is-is he an original character? I look forward to reading more whenever you can find time to write it.