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Shaldana Blackwater posted a comment on Saturday 27th October 2007 7:22pm for Revelations

"I discovered it located in the ruins of the Gaunt house, on the edge of Little Hangdon."

Aggh... the Canon mispellings again. That's just not cricket. Please please please, I beg on a thousand knees, fix the Canon spelling errors and double check against further ones.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 14th January 2006 4:24am for Revelations

Good chapter.


noylj posted a comment on Monday 19th December 2005 12:18pm for Revelations

He better be telling all this to Blaise and his master. I don't want to read another "Harry forgets to tell the important people what is happening" story.

Rudy Henkel posted a comment on Monday 21st November 2005 6:30am for Revelations

Yeah... I enjoyed your first story quite a bit, but the stubborn, angry child routine from Harry is getting old, so I'm going to have to discontinue here. I wish you luck with the rest of the story.


Adam posted a comment on Thursday 15th September 2005 3:04am for Revelations

Ok, Hermione seems to have let Harry get away with running solo for a while. Or is it just that she doesnt want to seriosly tell him off in front of Dumbledore :) and just because Hermione has let him off, I do wonder what Blaise will say lol. At least Dumbledore has admitted some responsibility for this mess. Pity it is Hermione Harry and Blasie who are the ones who are going to suffer for it though.

Brad posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2005 5:28am for Revelations

Well! Why couldn't JKR have compressed all that tedious 'traipsing through the pensieve memories' stuff of HBP into a single chapter, like you did here? :-)

I thought at first you were just going through old territory, and not going to mention the horcruces (is that how the plural is spelt? Not 'horcruxes'?) until Harry bought it up for me. Very effective, how you had Harry draw it out of Dumbledore like that, really amplified the whole sinister nature of these evil devices.

I know I'm a bundle of mush these days, but I enjoy the little romantic touches, like Harry's noting Hermione's reactions, taking her hand, etc. Little bits that flesh out a story, break up the pure dialogue/narration and make it a good entertaining read.

Has the prophecy been discharged/fulfilled? Did Voldemort actually 'die' the first time? Is Harry off the hook, or does he have to find ANOTHER 'power that he knows not'?

I'm delighted that you are continuing your Apprentice Potter series. I've just finished re-reading the first story to get me into the mood for this new tale. It's good to see first-person angry Harry back again!

I hope you survive the gloating of your Pommie work colleagues for the remainder of your stay in England. It's been 18 years, let them have their brief time in the sun. Thanks for this chapter!

Loopy Dane posted a comment on Tuesday 13th September 2005 5:49pm for Revelations

Oh, I think I like this better than JK's so far! I like how you are using book six details and crafting a whole new story out of it.
Interesting that DD said the Ministry was prohibiting him from disclosing the Horocrux info, but then said that he was witholding info about the Horocruxes from the ministry... The webmaster continues to spin his webs...
Hermione is an interesting character. Her divided loyalty at the beginning of the conversation slowly yielded to full support of Harry once Harry uncovered DD's duplicity...
I wonder if she will stay completely in Harry's camp or if traveling with DD will sway her back towards the middle.
I can only assume that DD will try to get Hermione to spy on Harry again. ("for his own good") She has not had nearly the experience with his manipulations, and may find it difficult to stay loyal to Harry. Will this cause a split between Harry and Hermione?
Like I said, I REALLY like where you are taking this...
Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us.