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Concealed Convict posted a comment on Sunday 11th January 2009 3:54am for Will I, Won't I?

Great story so far. The development of the characters is intriguing. However, I do have one question: If every death eater died at the end of "Apprentice Potter," why isn't Snape dead? It was the dark mark which killed them and Snape still had it, yet he is still alive in this story.

Thanks for writing, keep up the good work

Zane Wyrick posted a comment on Friday 6th July 2007 8:00pm for Will I, Won't I?

Damn it, you brought horcuxes in.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 17th July 2006 11:54am for Will I, Won't I?

Good chapter. Bummer on the horcruxes.


Tildessmoo posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd November 2005 3:37pm for Will I, Won't I?

Wow! An amazing way of integrating a story written after OotP with HBP! As I'm sure many people have, I noticed as soon as you mentioned the left hand with the lemon drop bowl. Not that that means much, considering it was less than an inch from the sight of the damaged right. I've never before seen someone integrate a fanfic written partway into a series with later parts of the series like this. Plus I never knew AP had a sequel (found it for the second time a day after you posted the last chapter); guess I should've joined your mailing list like I'd planned to, huh?

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Thursday 22nd September 2005 6:19am for Will I, Won't I?

'but an entire subculture has grown around the incident.'


Tortured Snape trading cards!!

Adam posted a comment on Monday 12th September 2005 6:24am for Will I, Won't I?

I have just finished reading apprentice and so started on this story with high hopes of another story of excellent quality. I am glad I have not been dissapointed :) I did love the engagament between Zab and Harry, and I did enjoy Blaises payback - it obviously didnt occur to Zab that both girls know of each other lol. Also watchin Harry play with Dumbledore was amusing, I will definately be following this story so I hope to see the next chapter soon.

Amanda posted a comment on Monday 5th September 2005 2:44pm for Will I, Won't I?

I really have enjoyed this story! You have to continue writing it! If possible, could you send me an e-mail at when you post the next chapter?

Goyana posted a comment on Sunday 28th August 2005 3:07pm for Will I, Won't I?

Another good chapter mate, cant wait for the next