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Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 11:29pm for Home, sweet home

This is great. Harry has returned but only his most faithful friends know. I suspect that Hermione is pregnant. At least she repents her past actions with Harry over Snape's death. Their shock at finding Harry alive is understandable. I'm glad that Dumbledore hasn't given up on Harry. That was quite a good move on Hermione's side. It makes Harry's death more believable. I really like the basilisk. He has a great sense of reality. I look forward to more of this story. pms

nuclear death frog posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 10:16pm for Home, sweet home

One error I spotted: Voldemort's wand was thirteen and a half (13.5) inches, not twelve.

Glad this has been updated again.

Alex00 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 8:56pm for Home, sweet home

Great work.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 7:26pm for Home, sweet home

Great update! I love the conversation with the basilisk... such a nice touch. Harry playing dead is always fun, and I like how Dumbledore is already mostly expecting it. Wondering what's up with Hermione, but I'm sure you'll tell us in good time. Nice to see a chapter from you!

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 6:11pm for Home, sweet home

Nice. Very nice. I've always appreciated this series, and the latest installment did not dissappoint. Having said that, I eagerly await your next update. Please make it soon!

IceBlades posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 3:54pm for Home, sweet home

Aah, nice to see a new chapter. I'm quite curious to read about what has happened to Hermione...and how she and Harry intend to exact revenge for it.

Off to do homework...exams are upon us poor, college folk.

Happy writing!

anonymous5 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 2:29pm for Home, sweet home

oh, what a lovely chapter. It's like the middle of the fourth movement of a classical or romantic symphony, when we've been exposed to thematic elements and we're presented with a few calmer moments to digest everything and get a taste of what's to come... I can't come up with a better metaphor for the excellent style and tone of your writing. Thanks for the update; I'm very much looking forward to reading your depiction of our heroes going forth to kick ass and take names!

smog2187 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 2:19pm for Home, sweet home

Great chapter as always, the whole story-telling part was particularly enjoyable. At first I was pretty surprised that Harry would hide his death from Dumbledore but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Thanks for writing

Logan_MacLeod posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 2:15pm for Home, sweet home

Dude!!!! Everytime I read an update for this story I just have to say DUDE!!!! I forgot that he helped the Basalisk escape. That was sweet how they a friendly relationship. Update soon and keep up the good work.

P.S.... Is Hermione pregnant?

riegert8 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 1:55pm for Home, sweet home

Good chapter. I am surprise that Hermione would keep Harry in the dark, that not a good sign for their relationship. Hermione know how much it tick Harry off to be left in the dark, It seem Hermione is just another Dumbledore.

DrT posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 1:49pm for Home, sweet home

Good update. Glad Hermione is back in the story, although I am of course curious as to what happened to her.

As for Harry and his plan, that should be interesting to watch unfurl


Bedrup posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 1:28pm for Home, sweet home

Super chapter. For a while there I my favourite suspect as the man behind the plot that killed H:s double was Dumbledore. What was I thinking? You haven ´t bashed him in quite that fashion, have you?

This story promises a complex and inventive plot. Looking forward to reading the rest. Thanks.

Wolfric posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 1:06pm for Home, sweet home

Revenge is a dish best served cold... I think Harry's revenge will be a lot of fun. I hope he will be successful with it. A good revenge is so satisfying. Thanks for writing. W.

uthamm posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 12:45pm for Home, sweet home


I love it. I totally love it.
Vindictive!Harry with Blaise, Hermione, Ron and a BASILISK!?! Not to mention that I suspect Zab is a bit fonder of Harry than he has let on . . they will never know what hit them.


Aelita posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 11:55am for Home, sweet home

This was great, I love Harry's plans for the rest of the wizarding world and Draco. Awesome job, can't wait for the next update!

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 11:49am for Home, sweet home

Looking forward to Harry's attack on Draco's line. That's going to be funny - dead Draco unable to actively respond.

I must say (probably again) I love your writing, and despite the limitted view of a first person story, you make it exciting and enjoyable.

Thank you.

Tom A.

FenrisWolf posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 10:29am for Home, sweet home

Excellent chapter, well worth the wait, though now you have me all a-twitch to know what happened to Hermione, especially with the hints that it's something likely to make Harry go postal when he hears about it. Hopefully this is a sign that just perhaps the romantic rift between them will be healed before the end of the tale. And though I admit it's unlikely, perhaps the rift between Hermione and Blaise as well.

Dellaran posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 9:42am for Home, sweet home

Wow. Harry, Blaise, and Hermione united, pissed off, and free to act. If I were one of Harry's enemies, I think I'd just go off somewhere quiet and kill myself to save them the trouble.

It's especially gratifying to see Hermione taking some initiative at the end of this chapter. I agree with your harry that her strength is one of her most attractive qualities, but she hasn't shown it for a while. I'm glad to see her coming back.

Looking forward to more!

Michael69 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 9:08am for Home, sweet home

awesome story!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 9:07am for Home, sweet home

*chuckle* I wonder if he's going to have fun interrupting his own funeral? As I remember, that was the climax and end of Capricorn One with the three supposedly dead astronauts interrupting their own funeral at Arlington and exposing a government fraud, cover-up, and conspiracy.

I loved Blaise's and Ron's reactions but I really have to wonder about Hermione's. From the shifts in her behavior, I have to suspect something major, the most likely would be that she found herself pregnant by Harry, the second most likely being that something happened, after she split from Harry, 'tween her and Ron; I'll definitely be interested in seeing what all is happening, here. I did think it was amusing that the Vatican thinks he's dead and Dumbles doesn't believe it; for all their disagreements, Dumbles does seem to have remarkable faith in Harry - or is it simply sheer desperation on his part? In any case, great chapter that really leaves me looking forward to the next one.