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kyoshi posted a comment on Saturday 24th July 2010 3:39am for Book of Revelation: Chapter 6

That was not rape, rape is forcing someone to have sex. Ginny disguised herself so all she did was impersonate Cho. Most men or boys wouldn't mind being raped by a beautiful woman.

noylj posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 11:57pm for Book of Revelation: Chapter 6

I see your DoubleDumb is still as afraid of the truth as JKR's. What a sad way to live. Of course...either the truth comes out or none of it comes out. How many witnesses are there?
I love the fact that DoubleDumb once again throws Harry under the bus. The thing is, I think that you have canon!DoubleDumb almost perfect. He just isn't quite as evil as in canon...well, maybe he is. You still need to kill Draco, Snape, DoubleDumb, Peter, and Moldie. The world will be a better place without any of them in it.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 20th November 2006 2:55pm for Book of Revelation: Chapter 6

Good chapter. You need to use some sort of scene break.


Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 12th April 2006 2:08pm for Book of Revelation: Chapter 6

How tragic that "love" could cause so much pain.
Ginny really loves Harry but because she wanted him so much she went over the line. Harry loves Cho but Ginny was his friend. I hope the Harry I have learned to admire can find it in his heart to forgive her at some point. I also hope Ron can learn to forgive his little sister.
At least Ron is learning to think a little before acting. I hope Hermione can figure out a way for Harry to stay in school. If anyone can it is her. Thanks for writing. pms

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 1:16pm for Book of Revelation: Chapter 6

I am with Ron wanting to be sick.

Somehow, Hermione will have to devise a way to make things better. Harry has the capacity to forgive her. If you succeed you will have written a marvelous redemption story.