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Clean and Dirty.

Slowly, Harry woke up. This late in the year, the sun wouldn't be up for another hour, but Harry always woke at the same time. No matter how late he went to bed.

With a groan, he reached over and fumbled on his bedside table for his glasses. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with the back of his free hand and put the glasses on. Above him, the roof of the dorm swam into focus.

Harry sighed and rolled out of bed. Looking around, Harry noted that only Neville was already up. Neville had been the only student in living memory to attain three OWLs in Herbology, and as such had been working with the seventh years preparing for their Herbology NEWTs; that meant that poor Neville had to be up and about hours before the rest of the world a couple of times a week. Since Neville would still have to take his NEWTs next year, it didn't seem to be a good decision, at least to the other Gryffindor sixth-years. Harry made his way over to one of the windows that looked out over the grounds of Hogwarts and could make out Neville's figure wrestling with an overactive plant behind one of the greenhouses.

Harry grinned wryly to himself, and was about to turn away from the window when his attention was captured from a different direction.

Seven figures in Slytherin green were hiking from the castle to the Quidditch pitch. Even from this distance, Harry could easily make out the platinum blond head of Draco Malfoy.

According to Ron, Draco had been surprisingly quiet ever since his parents had been killed at Harry's ambush. Not that it was surprising that he had been subdued, but the Slytherin had actually avoided Harry's friends.

Not that they didn't enjoy not being annoyed, but Hermione was a bit curious as to Malfoy's complete change in personality. Ron of course had been waiting with barely concealed glee since he had first heard the news of the Malfoy's reversal of family fortune, and had desperately wanted Draco to try to bait him about how poor he was. Ron had been disappointed however, since the only surviving Malfoy had not said one word to anyone outside of his house.

Sirius had told Harry that when he first arrived to take possession of Malfoy Manor, Draco had also been there, frantically stripping whatever valuables he could from the house, just as long as they could be carried. Draco could have been charged with theft, but Sirius had allowed him to take any items of sentimental value. After they had been checked for dark magic of course.

Harry sighed deeply. Sirius had a home and was now, sort of, accepted by the wizarding world. His last letter to Harry had been upbeat, but contained an unwritten tone of sadness, and loneliness. Sirius had joked about the size of the house, now named 'Black's Pad', but Harry knew that he would not be comfortable in such a large, empty home.

Sirius had apparently been flirting outrageously with any female reporters desperate to get his story, which brought a grin to Harry's face. He had declined to give any exclusive interviews about his relationship with James and Peter, out of respect to Harry, but had been quite outgoing with details of his life since Azkaban. As such, he had a very full calendar, and Harry had not been able to visit him.

Harry in no way begrudged his godfather this, in fact, Harry was overjoyed that Sirius was again free and enjoying himself. He did miss the older marauder though.

Harry shook his head to clear it. He stretched and yawned, feeling his muscles come alive. Looking over to the slumbering form of Ron, he grinned at the memory of Ron's face when he had mentioned Aragog.

Harry grabbed a towel and prepared to go and have a shower. A thought stopped him, and he went back to his trunk and extracted the improved marauder's map. Concentrating, he activated the map, and discovered something that brought a wicked smile to his face.

Harry stuffed the map into a bag, and grabbed his invisibility cloak and all he needed for a shower. Still grinning, he left the dorm. Seconds later, he was outside of Gryffindor Tower.

Over the last few weeks, Cho had continued to rise early. Even though her skin was again as unmarked as an infant's, she had enjoyed starting her day early with a long, relaxing shower. Perhaps having everyone gawk at her for weeks had a productive side, the knowledge that she could shower for half an hour alone if she wished.

Cho reached the female prefect's bathroom quickly, and whispered the password. The door swung open to reveal the beautifully decorated room. The enormous bathtub cut into the very floor, with its marble lined sides was large enough for at least a dozen people to bathe together without touching one another.

Several shower cubicles extended along the far wall. Cho made her way over to one and began to undress.

Less than a minute later, hot water was spraying over Cho's lithe body, and she closed her eyes in bliss.

The young witch missed the sound of the door to the bathroom opening. Harry closed the door and whispered a locking charm. Some witches were still uncomfortable enough with the changes happening to their body that a locked door should not attract undue attention, he hoped. Harry put away B3's map, wiping away the evidence of his discovering the female prefect's bathroom's password.

His grin had not faded since leaving Gryffindor Tower. Harry quietly made his way over to Cho's shower and ran his eyes over his stunning, naked girlfriend. He carefully assumed a stance of casualness and ease, his bag slung over one shoulder.

"Good morning." he said brightly.

Cho let loose a small scream and spun round to face him, one arm covering her breasts, the other hand cupping her groin. Recognition flooded her face, and shock was replaced with irritation.

"What in Merlin's name did you do that for?" she demanded.

Harry still smiled, completely nonplussed. "I thought I'd offer to wash your back this morning."

"I bet. You come in here, breaking rules left and right, just to offer to give a seventh-year witch a back rub?"

"You make it sound as if I'd do this for any seventh-year witch, not just a very special one."

Cho couldn't help a grin from forming on her face. "Your godfather told me that no male would need an excuse to spy on a teenage girl in the shower."

"Did he just?" Harry mused. "When did he tell you this?"

Cho grinned. "He was standing right where you are now. I was in the shower at the time."

Harry's grin faded and he stared at Cho in shock. "Sirius spied on you while you were in the shower?"

Cho nodded. "I broke his nose. He didn't do it again."

Harry's grin returned. "I think we should get a better revenge than that. What do you think?"

"That sounds wonderful. What do you have in mind?"

Harry's eyes traced up and down his girlfriend's figure. "You think I can come up with a respectable retaliation while I'm this distracted?"

Cho's perfect features broke into their own evil grin. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed the front of Harry's robes. She dragged the surprised boy under the hot water.

"Gack!" Harry spluttered. He threw his bag outside the shower and desperately tried to disentangle himself from both his sodden robes and his vengeful girlfriend without swallowing any more water.

"Are you sorry?" asked Cho.

"Yes!" he managed, his glasses covered in water.

"Good." said Cho, and let her boyfriend go.

Harry stepped back and removed his glasses. He looked like Peeves had been using him for water-balloon target practice for a while.

Cho smiled and moved closer. She slipped her wet arms around Harry's chest and kissed him passionately, her nude body pressed against him. Even through the sodden robes, Cho could feel the rather obvious physical effect she was having on him.

With a shuddering sigh, Harry broke the kiss and stared into her deep dark eyes with his brilliant emerald ones. "I need a cold shower now." he said.

Cho smiled, her love and affection for this young man evident to all. "How about a hot and steamy one, my love?" she asked, gently helping Harry out of his wet clothes.

"That sound's even better."

Hermione covered her eyes with the back of her hand, trying to stop the sun's morning rays from disturbing her slumber. No luck.

She sat up in bed, listening for any sounds coming from her roommates. Nothing but light snores. They were all still asleep.

Wiping the rough grains of sleep from her eyes, Hermione swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up to stretch.

"Still tired." she murmured to herself.

Hermione looked longingly at her bed, but decided not to waste such a wonderful Saturday by sleeping in. She turned and opened her wardrobe, and selected a dressing-gown. She put on the thick garment over her sheer, light nightdress, and grabbed her toiletries bag.

Moments later, Hermione was walking down the corridor's of Hogwarts towards the female prefect's bathroom.

Cho's nude, slippery body writhed against Harry's own in a successful attempt to get Harry gasping with desire. His mischievous grin sent her insides squirming, and her heart racing. Cho grabbed the back of Harry's neck and brought his warm, soft lips to her own, and kissed him deeply.

Distracted as they were, neither of them noticed the door to the bathroom glow blue, as Harry's locking charm prevented entry to another student.

"Damn." Hermione said, after finding the door locked. She whispered the password again, and once more, the door glowed softly blue, indicating someone from within had locked the door.

Hermione's face grew set. Locking the door to one of the many communal bathrooms was considered acceptable, but locking the door to the only prefect bathroom, used by only twelve people in the entire school was not. She withdrew her wand and took aim.

A rather steamy room greeted Hermione as she entered the prefect's bathroom. The sight of the empty bath just made her more irritated. Each shower cubicle could be self-contained, why bother locking the door?

In fact, only one shower was running, and there was obviously someone in there. Hermione was about to speak up, berating the person, when the showering prefect's voice gently floated over the stall.

"Mmmmm, oh, yes." came the whispered voice.

Hermione's jaw dropped, and she blushed furiously, the reason for locking the door becoming apparent.

In a boarding school for adolescents, it was not incredibly uncommon to discover a fellow student hiding in private while exploring their own body, though generally more privacy than this was sought before doing so.

Hermione was just about to clear her throat when a second voice, definitely male, joined the first, groaning in pleasure. Hermione's blush intensified.

As a prefect, Hermione had been unlucky enough to catch students together while on her rounds, and deducting points had seemed a relevant punishment at the time. But here, this time, a prefect was one of the guilty parties.

Assuming a stern face, Hermione gathered herself. She stepped up to the shower, and turned to face right. Regardless of who it was, she didn't really want to see it. Hermione was about to clear her throat when out of the corner of her eye, she recognised Cho Chang.

Cho's head was thrown back, her mouth open in joy. Her arms were thrown around the neck of her partner, who was nuzzling the side of her neck. Cho's back was pressed against the rear wall of the stall.

The male student had his back to Hermione, and the shocked prefect could clearly see Cho's taut legs wrapped around his slender waist. His hands were cupped beneath Cho's buttocks, supporting her while he kissed her neck, and leaned against Cho's small frame.

It was obvious from the pelvic movements from both students that more than innocent petting was going on. Hermione had never in her life been more horrified and intrigued.

For what felt like an eternity, Hermione watched in blank-minded voyeuristic fascination. The uncomfortable feeling of intrusion couldn't overcome the shocking feeling of curiosity and betrayal.

Cho was making love to another man! Harry would be devastated if he found out.

Hermione's eyes swept over the frame of the man in front of her. He was of short stature, with long, dark hair, but his musculature bespoke many hours of physical training. His lean, toned frame continued down, his tight buttocks clenched, down to his superbly defined legs. Hermione could understand Cho's attraction, but she was supposed to be going out with Hermione's best friend! How could Cho do that to Harry?

Hermione had no idea how long she had been watching the pair, but when Cho's voice began to rise in ecstasy, and the pace of their coupling increased, Hermione finally managed to force her attention away from the scene.

Tears of hurt in her eyes, Hermione ran across the bathroom and wrenched the door open. She ran through it and slammed it shut before sprinting towards Gryffindor Tower.

Neither Harry nor Cho noticed the sound of the slamming door, as they both reached their climaxes at the same time, their mouths devouring each other.


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