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Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 9:25am

I have read a number of Snape-and-Harry-begin-to-respect-each-other stories. I like the way you have it happen here.

I do not like that Lily and Snape were lovers, but it is your story. I just don't like it.

Can't wait to see how Harry defeats the golem.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 9:08am

Ginny is now going Slytherin on us - manipulative and ambitious beyond the feelings and good of others - and she is lying through her teeth in the process.

Not good at all - but interesting story line.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 8:55am

I don't like what Ginny is doing. Theoretically all is fair in love and war, but this is a take no prisoners tactic. Ginny will lose Harry's friendship following the tactic I think you are losing. Costly.

Well written.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 8:48am

This is not going to be good. I hope the misunderstanding goes away quickly and doesn't become major. Of course, someone does betray Harry in this story - could it be himself?

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 8:39am

Harry as a fifth year - I cannot exactly see him agreeing to it, but you made a case for it.

I CAN see him deciding to beat Hermione's O.W.L.s records.

Great start.

Scott M posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 11:41pm

"...and amassing a truly startling collection of socks." Priceless!

pinkzeppelin posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 7:22pm

Amazing story, I truly loved it

hedwig_edwiges posted a comment on Thursday 5th January 2006 3:43pm

I really liked "Betrayal..." and "Midnight..." but would be interesting to see more of the dual side of Harry. Because the reckless mood he gets during fights might appear in other situations too, right? "Snape's worst nightmare" is really a laugh. I liked the angry Harry from "Aprentice Potter" and I hope you keep on with "Journeyman Potter". It's so nice when we can read good texts, written with care that give us such pleasure.

AK posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2005 8:09pm

Great story, I like your writing style, it is easy and fun to read. cause u don' use em big words way too often (that is good)

GknightS posted a comment on Sunday 25th December 2005 12:02pm

awwwww.. it's such a good story.. simply wonderful.. no doubt one of the best i ever read.. thank you..

Nyles posted a comment on Monday 28th November 2005 12:19am

great story i liked the idea of the Serpent's tears and it brought to mind that maybe wizards came first then muggles never know

Chris Williams posted a comment on Friday 18th November 2005 10:04pm

Great story, thanks for sharing with us.

Manatheron posted a comment on Thursday 27th October 2005 11:25pm

thats and awe inspiring story... I wish that ginny's part would have been a little less traumitizing, but life is what you make of it right?

Keep up the excellent work.

PS. If your looking for a challenge, or even just an Idea, drop me a line. I have several that I weill probably never get around to using.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 7:03am

Contractions are desperately needed!

squiddy posted a comment on Wednesday 19th October 2005 8:36pm

It's a wonderfully involving story that had me losing sleep for a couple of days. Read through the first and the sequel in just over 3 days.. both at home and at the office. Your writing style is very fluid and natural enough that the 'selves' of the characters do come through (if we're familiar enough with them). In short, nice fic, keep it up, I'd love to read more.

One thing though, if possible, please put a mark, something like a dotted line/asterisks/plus signs/whatever when you're switching from scene to scene. It's pretty damned confusing sometimes... One minute Harry's talking to dumbledore then in the next paragraph Draco's talking to Mask... Trust me, it'd help.

That's it and thanks for the story!

Brad posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd August 2005 10:05pm

Just popped onto your site to check your 'werewolf solution' (they're discussing werewolves in Jeconais's group, but you probably know that) and I couldn't resist re-reading the entire chapter. A very 'full', very *satisfying* chapter. If I wasn't at work I suspect I'd be pulling out the folder and re-reading the entire two novels ... again.

One extremely trivial whinge ... you have Harry contemplate Hermione at the zoo as "his best friend's wife". I mean, *she's* his (other) "best friend" too, you know ... I would have thought that would have taken precedence in his thoughts.

Don't mind me, I'm just feeling defensive for Hermione these days, after the atrocities that were done to her character in HBP. Please treat her well in Journeyman Potter!!! And I liked seeing her in this epilogue, and Albus's "mummy-reading" face - excellent. So nice, this epilogue, thank you! Brad.