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Gardengirl posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 4:51pm for April Fools

*more snerking* I love the visual of Snape's bed shepherding him back out to the center of a freezing-cold Scottish lake in the middle of winter.

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 26th April 2006 1:55am for April Fools

Harry the mastermind. At least it does end at noon. I'm glad that Harry showed them that they were not all alone. Quite a good example of manipulation. Thanks for writing. pms

Lady FoxFire posted a comment on Tuesday 7th February 2006 1:12pm for April Fools

ROFLOL Oh I wish I could actula be there to see this! I really hope to see if you wrote what happened next.

Rick Gale posted a comment on Wednesday 14th December 2005 1:46pm for April Fools

After what happened here - what's going to be left of the school after 7 years. Not to mention the other kids coming to join their older siblings during that time.

Keep up the good work.