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Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Monday 16th June 2014 11:09am for The Hogwarts Express

Oh man, Hogwarts is really in for it now!! *EVIL GRIN*

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Tuesday 11th March 2008 7:45am for The Hogwarts Express

Oh, that was the treatment Malfoy deserved the first go round. Just brilliant.

joeBob posted a comment on Saturday 2nd February 2008 9:24am for The Hogwarts Express

Good clean fun is always nice.
Thanks for this story.

Cat Feral posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd October 2007 9:32pm for The Hogwarts Express

I do love this fic - I keep coming back every few months to read it again!

Katgurl22551 posted a comment on Thursday 26th July 2007 6:52pm for The Hogwarts Express

One thing that might be helpful is another chapter with the list of names of the Potter and Weasley children and a brief statement to the side of them saying to whom they belong.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 1:59pm for The Hogwarts Express

Beautiful, just beautiful. Little stinkpot deserved every corpuscle of the blush he's doubtless sporting!

pstibbons posted a comment on Saturday 15th July 2006 12:02am for The Hogwarts Express

Well pranked!

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 25th April 2006 11:51pm for The Hogwarts Express

Oh my God! Identical triplets! Harry couldn't get into half the trouble these boys are going to cause! And Harry and Ron managed quite well. Of course they had Hermione to help. I imagine all these cousins have honed their skills working together quite well. If they have been living under a fidelius charm all their lives no one knows what they are capable of! Look out Hogwarts! Thanks for writing. pms

Lady FoxFire posted a comment on Tuesday 7th February 2006 9:27am for The Hogwarts Express

Will Malfoy try to get revenge?

sixtimesschmidt posted a comment on Friday 3rd February 2006 11:51am for The Hogwarts Express

Great Story, rereading it for the fifth time or so, just enjoying Snape get a long delayed comeuppance. And Happy Endings ( all weasleys alive, and a babyboom).
Just one thing i noticed, if all the mothers were pregnant Aug 15 1999,that would mean to me that Voldemort was defeated about end of Harry's seventh year,(Fleur five months preg at victory) and everybody else started the next generation right after. How can Damien Malfoy be a fifth year AND Draco Malfoys son or were they mistaken in the second chapter and he is a second cousin or something?

Draco664 replied:

I realised that boo-boo about three weeks after I wrote it, and you are the first person to pick up on it (at least, who has left a review about it).

If you want to think he is a cousin, nephew, or son who was conceived while Draco was at school, be my guest.

Steven Augart posted a comment on Friday 20th January 2006 11:26pm for The Hogwarts Express

One of the things you need to understand is that trains like the Hogwarts Express have several compartments in a carriage. That's why this doesn't quite work:

All twelve were crammed into one carriage to hear the tale.

but you can say "compartment" instead of "carriage" and it won't jar me and others who have travelled on these trains.

Rick Gale posted a comment on Wednesday 14th December 2005 10:09am for The Hogwarts Express

I don't think Prof. Snape or Mr. Malfoy will make it out of this year. Potter's & Weasley's are preparing to take over Hogworts! And this is just their first year! Keep up the good work!