Content Harry Potter Crossovers


Lira posted a comment on Tuesday 10th January 2006 1:24pm for The Sorting

Oh dear! That sorting! You made me cry tears of laughter. (And I just had to compliment you on this funny piece of fiction at once although I usually only write reviews to the last existing chapter!)

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 28th December 2005 10:17pm for The Sorting

I laughed so hard I was crying throughout almost this entire chapter. Brilliant fun, but a lot of characters to keep track of, that's for sure!

Treck posted a comment on Monday 26th December 2005 5:31pm for The Sorting

This story has a DIRE need... Lets see, Oh yes it needs a second part.


Rick Gale posted a comment on Wednesday 14th December 2005 9:48am for The Sorting

I love it!! Let the secret plan for world conquest begin! I can't wait to see what happens next. I laughed so hard, I started crying. Great job.

Machiavelli Jr posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 11:39am for The Sorting

Ouch. A bit too good to be true; I was hoping for the Potters to get Slytherin as soon as I read the summary. Think of Snivellus' face when he had to reconcile 'protect my House' with 'Kill Potter'. Entertaining.