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zxcvb posted a comment on Tuesday 28th October 2008 9:07am

That was very interesting, if perhaps a little rushed towards the end. And the fight scenes were very well written. Good job.

Mordecai posted a comment on Wednesday 5th April 2006 9:12am

very well written

Crys posted a comment on Monday 6th March 2006 6:07pm

*blink* *snicker*

Well, that explains a couple things from chapter 2 of the sequel . . .

BTW, something like half of this chapter is in italics when I don't believe it should be.

Jay1 posted a comment on Monday 16th January 2006 11:21am

I would like to compliment you for this story. The characters were in character and well written, and though I have never seen Highlander and watched Batman only infrequently in my youth, I found myself understanding the basis of the powers and the characters with little difficulty. The plot was engaging and exciting, with action and plot movement working together nicely to make an excellent story.

Well done.

brad posted a comment on Saturday 12th November 2005 6:45pm

Great story. I'm a long-time DC comics fan, although my interest in Batman has waxed and waned, particularly the last decade or two with his explosion in popularity (I - or my wallet - couldn't keep up with all the titles that were being published). I'm no longer much up to date with his exploits; I think I remember a Batman/Predator comic/series, was that the "alien race of hunters" to which he was alluding?

Similarly I'm not an expert on Highlander, but I knew enough to really find your story engrossing. The encounters between the various immortals - and the aspects in which their immortality affected their lives or the manner of their deaths (Ugh. The drawn out torture of Lady Chantelle was gruesome. Clever, but gruesme) was intriguing.

Fight scenes were great, particularly the early one between Damien and Batgirl. Maybe because that was the first fight in your story with an immortal and the whole way in which his immortality could be utilised to his advantage was so new to me.

It's stories like this - crossovers that mix up all the various elements of science fiction and the like, but do so *cleverly* - that allow me to take some pride in finding intellectual satisfaction in what is often seen as "kids stuff". Ditto for your Harry Potter stories, of course.

Thanks for writing this story!