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Grand father of 6. HP fan. Prefer mature fighting back Harry. Don't like Ron - hate Snape and Dracko -don't like Dumbledore. Ron is just too jealous to be a true friend. Snape is a jealous lover willing to see James and Harry die - only helped Dumbledore after he was worried about Lilly. Dumbledore uses Harry - I find that so sick leading Harry on knowing he is a Horcrux and not doing anything about it.Remember Snape did not go to Dumbledore till he knew Tom would go after Lilly: the implication to that; if it were Neville he would have let them die.Don't you get it folks? Snape was a willing death eater.Dracko brought Deatheaters into the school causing death and destruction. JK just showed that if you have money you will get away with murder - as in the Malfoys.

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