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Shadowolf3400 posted a comment on Monday 15th June 2009 12:45pm

You know, I hate next generation stories, no matter what the fandom is.

And yet... This story is abso-freaking-lutely hilarious! I love it. Were it still on, it would definitely be going on my Favorites list. Well done!

noreenklose posted a comment on Wednesday 27th May 2009 9:32pm

An excellent story.It was very enjoyable. The only criticism that I can make is how you, and many, many authors write "Potion Master". Potion MUST BE plural---otherwise, all first years could learn to make Boil Cure Potion perfectly, and announce---"I'm a Potion Master, I've mastered ONE potion!
A Potions Master is, and should be, the master of MANY , diverse, varied, difficult, etc. potions.
That is the only small, hopefully constructive criticism I could see. Your stories ROCK!


SubXxXKitten posted a comment on Sunday 17th May 2009 1:46am

omg! I was rolling on the floor laughing at this! I love it! Majorly funny!

koppe posted a comment on Friday 15th May 2009 3:28am

LOL! I just love the "rather vigorous exothermic reaction"...

koppe posted a comment on Friday 15th May 2009 3:22am

Great story! I've read it several times, and it always cracks me up.

Chindabe posted a comment on Thursday 16th April 2009 8:51pm



BellatheHouseElf posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 11:24am

Hey I don't know if anyone has told you this yet--they probably have though-- Snape's line is, "Bottle fame, brew glory..."but otherwise I had fun reading this!

BaltaineShadow posted a comment on Monday 23rd March 2009 3:14pm

Simply awesome!
I laughed so hard while I read all chapters today, my stomach hurts!
I love all of the kids - the idea of having Potter-triplets was splendid^^

Well... I for my part hope that there might come another story starring the "Nightmare Dozen" - I don't need Sevie to be happy^^

See ya!

Alex Mcpherson posted a comment on Saturday 28th February 2009 4:29am

-back after reading the rest.

Most amusing... my cheeks are sore from laughing.

Alex Mcpherson posted a comment on Saturday 28th February 2009 4:13am

may or may not have been said but,

in 1980, Remus was 20 (when harry was born)
in 1999, Remus was 39 (when the Nightmare Dozen were concieved)
in 2011, Remus would be 51 - early fifties, not late forties as is stated when he joins Harry before the match. Just thought I'd say so.

bunny posted a comment on Friday 20th February 2009 1:20pm

I loved it! I was laughing all through the end!

jokerswyld posted a comment on Thursday 8th January 2009 3:54pm

Awesome! Loved reading it! Too bad this is the end of it though. I'd love to hear more about the Nightmare Dozen.

Milarqui posted a comment on Saturday 3rd January 2009 1:47am

The Slytherin team were distracted enough that James managed to fly straight through the upper goal hoop without interference, cheekily carrying the Quaffle through for a goal.

I'm not quite sure about this, but I think that there is a rule in Quidditch stating that the ball must be thrown for a goal to be legal, and that carrying it results in a penalization against the attacking team.

princess ducky posted a comment on Tuesday 16th December 2008 12:09pm

Brilliantly funny story.

Keep Writing

Princess Ducky

kate19 posted a comment on Sunday 21st September 2008 7:23pm

very very well done!! i am quite speechless actually!!! never seen anything like this. good use of characters too. loved that harry orchestrated that april fool's prank! i'll be looking at the other stories in your profile and see if there isn't some other story of yours i haven't read yet. bye

lazypr posted a comment on Tuesday 9th September 2008 11:13am


ChocoholicWriter posted a comment on Tuesday 29th July 2008 10:48pm

Hilarious! Pity Snape quit, though, I would have loved to see fics detailing their entire Hogwarts career!

Ken Warner posted a comment on Friday 27th June 2008 9:22pm

Somehow I had not ever seen this story on the site, as many times as I have read Journeyman and Apprentice Potter, what a treat this was - loved the 1st quidditch game, then you wiped that from memory with the 2nd - just an overall topnotch read, one I will recommend very widely.

thanks and warmest regards

Milarqui posted a comment on Monday 23rd June 2008 1:18am

OK, I have to say that your story was most enjoyable and funny, and I really hope that you write more Harry/Ginny stories like this one. However, I have found a bit of a problem with one of the characters: Damien Malfoy.

As far as we know, Damien could be either Lucius Malfoy's son (considering the comments the Head Girl makes about Harry and Damien's father hating each, it's obvious she isn't talking about Lucius, because the enmity everybody could see was Harry and Draco's) or Draco Malfoy's.

However, on this last account, there are a series of problems I feel I should address:
- Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were both born in the year 1980, and entered Hogwarts in 1991. This accounts correctly when it is mentioned (somewhere in the story, I don't remember where exactly) that Harry is 31 by the year 2011.
- Damien is said to be already a fifth-year prefect, so he must be fifteen years old. Thus, he was born between September 1995 and August 1996, as one enters Hogwarts in the first 1st September he or she is eleven.
- However, this would mean that Damien was born while Malfoy was still at school!
Would you explain this small mistake?
Apart from that, a very wonderful story.

Mris posted a comment on Sunday 22nd June 2008 4:06pm

Wonderful!! I throughly enjoyed this. You have some wonderful ideas for magically done pranks that I could've easliy seen woven through Rowling's books. Excellent job in writing.

Being purely selfish I would love to see the antics of their second year and perhaps the years their siblings come to Hogwarts...but like I said very selfish of me. But if you ever do write a sequel to this or just a few drabbles here and there, please let me know!