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noreenklose posted a comment on Monday 26th March 2018 9:13pm


I really enjoyed reading your story.

I put off starting the series because I was waiting for the end of Master Potter. I guess it will never be finished, so I'm going to read what ever is here.

I really wish that you had finished the series.

Thanks for writing, the story was really good!

Celexs posted a comment on Tuesday 13th March 2018 11:58pm

I cant remember if this is the first time I've read this story but it was a blast to read.


Shadowdog posted a comment on Wednesday 10th August 2016 4:21am

I've read most of the stories on this site, I'm not quite certain why I haven't hit this one yet. I could practically hug you for writing Harry as angry. I'm not sure if I've read it before and don't recall but I'm so goddamn happy he's mad and showing it that I could practically hug you. He told McGonnagal to get out >< Dying!

D. Neikirk posted a comment on Sunday 19th July 2015 11:03am

A new "author" has appeared on that has copied this chapter verbatim. You might want to protest. Here are the links:

this so-called author has been "borrowing" a lot of fiction from others.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Sunday 10th August 2014 2:49am

Worthy end to an excellent story!

gtgrouch posted a comment on Sunday 10th August 2014 1:51am

Interesting and unusual take on the 'power he knows not.'

Amusing mix of whimsy and cynicism in the obligatory postmortem.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Saturday 9th August 2014 10:06pm

A ,major component of this story is a Harry Potter who has been encouraged in critical thinking. Cleverly written with enough innovation to maintain interest, it is both fast-paced and rich in detail. It may not be at the top of the classics list, but it is well-worth reading.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 18th June 2014 10:38pm

"I laughed, feeling so happy just being near my friends. "Maybe, but perhaps the world needed just one more Apprentice Potter." And that's the end of that Ch.!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 18th June 2014 9:06pm

"True," Zab murmured. "Tell me, is what you said about people in the wizarding world your true opinion, or were you simply taking a radical view to support your stance?"

"My opinion. A great many of the witches and wizards in the world are bigots. Idiotic bigots at that."

"A great many are not."

"True, but they're not in charge."

Zab tilted his head to one side, then the other. "Point taken." He was silent for a few moments, before summing up all his questions into one.

"Harry, are you prepared to be a catalyst in the destruction of the Ministry, simply to clear the name of a deceased wizard?"

I nodded emphatically. "Absolutely. It was that very Ministry which condemned him, remember. If it cannot survive its own history being revealed, should it exist in the first place?"

"Ah, rhetorical questions . Wonderful things, aren't they?"

Frankly, I'm behind Harry all the way here. THe magical government needs to be torn down and rebuilit, from teh ground up if necessary.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 18th June 2014 8:45pm

"Hermione fought a grin, looking back down at the story. "She all but has Sirius take on all the Death Eaters by himself at the Department of Mysteries."

I blinked, thinking. "I don't think I told her who else was there, just that some people who believed me when I said Voldemort was back helped. You don't think they'll be angry?"

She shook her head. "At this point, it is common knowledge who was there that night, with the exception of Sirius. But the idea of a criminal fighting Voldemort when the Ministry wasn't will strike a chord with a lot of people." She looked back up at me. "Harry, if this story goes out in the papers, Fudge won't be able to survive this time."

I grinned back. "That is kind of the idea."

*screaming war-dance* POTTER! POTTER! POTTER!!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 18th June 2014 8:05pm

I'm SHOCKED. Truly. PERCY has the gall to show up in WWW after the way eh walked out on his family!?! :-O

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Tuesday 17th June 2014 11:15am

Poor Harry!! :-(

Bill3 posted a comment on Friday 25th January 2013 5:03pm

Good story. Thank you for sharing it

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Friday 11th May 2012 12:17am

Good beginning!

Daniel1234 posted a comment on Sunday 15th January 2012 8:54am

Wonderful story. All chapters in one sitting. Kind of tired now, so my review will be a little short.
Only disapointmeant is that Snape is still teaching.

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Thursday 8th December 2011 3:04am

This was a very good story all in all. Thinking back, I can't really see any large flaws anywhere. One smaller thing that stood out was how angry Harry was during the first half. He stayed angry and returned to white hot anger quite easily for a long time, even after his apprenticeship started. The other small thing that comes to mind was that the character of Zab may have been a little too perfect. Then again, his age does explain some of his relatively calm temperament.

I glanced at fanfiction dot net to see if you had a copy of the story there so I could add it as a favorite, but you seem to have removed your stories there some time ago. At any rate, you might want to add to your profile there which part of their new policies you disagree with. My own recommendation might be to consider reposting the first chapter of each story there, with a note that the rest of it is here.

jchangpa posted a comment on Sunday 20th November 2011 11:37pm

Excellent, I love the story, the way he handle all the lies that he was told during his live and over all of this is really good he get Hermione and Blaze. The way Voldemort dye is new for me but exquisite, why snape do not dye or at least been creaple i don't know. But any way thanks for the story hope you have more.

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Sunday 11th September 2011 1:31pm

What a great story. First I've read that Harry is an apprentice. Very well done with all the anger and frustration that Harry has and unleashed on everyone. We never did find out if Sirus was declared innocent. Thanks for sharing!

abrm posted a comment on Thursday 16th June 2011 1:56am

isnt blaise a guy?

Wynter posted a comment on Sunday 5th June 2011 8:02am

I hate the fact that you made Blaise a girl =/ but I shall continue on until I can't stand it anymore (such a nice fic too!)