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Andrius posted a comment on Monday 14th July 2008 10:33pm

I read a post on DLP forums praising your fics. So glad I decided to check them out!

First of all, your writing is very good and I would even say, professional. Many of the fics I've read are miles behind. Gotta love the humor you mixed in as well.

I also liked how you depicted the characters. Harry is strong, but very believably so; he keeps learning, and he didn't get where he is overnight.

I also liked the occasional teamwork and him leading and teaching people. Some fics with Independent!Harry seem to turn him into a superman and also get rid of all his former friends. But here all characters get their part of development as well, which is just awesome and just the type of story I like! :)

I am a fan of Harry/Hermione, but here things are further spiced up by very original and interesting Blaise character. <3

At times I did feel that Harry's anger and hate were excessive, but then again even the summary warns about it so I'm not complaining by any means.

The remote casting bit was original (as in, I haven't encountered this in any other fic I've read), and even fit the canon well (which again is one of the things I like). On the other hand I don't really see how this power could be used to get an edge over Voldemort (aside from surprising him like they did, of course).

I think Harry's vast magical power and his reflexes played a much bigger role in his victory over Voldemort and Death Eaters, not this situational 'remote casting' thingy.

Oh, and the ending of the fic with the implied threesome was, for lack of a better word, pure win!

keichan2 posted a comment on Tuesday 17th June 2008 8:19am

I loved this story!

It is notable that most times, there is only one chapter (epilogue) after Voldemort's death.
This time, continuing as you did gave me the feeling that killing Voldemort was NOT the plot of this story.
I'm not sure I can explain exactly what I feel...
Most times, a Harry Potter fanfic is just "yet another way to kill Voldy". In yours, Tom was just another obstacle on the road for Harry (and I'm sure that he was far more afraid of Zab than he was of the Dark Lord!)

Anyway, I liked it.

Thanks for writing it!

Josh Jackson posted a comment on Monday 9th June 2008 11:35pm

You sir have written a truly inventive epic. Harry's anger seemed to burn a little longer than most angry Harry fics i've read but u adequately justified the reasons for that. The H/Hr/Bl pairing need not be commented on for its epic humorousness and touchingness. Kudos on the remote casting bit, I've never read about that one b4.

nimistar posted a comment on Tuesday 20th May 2008 3:17pm

o yes, thats a good way to end a story.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Tuesday 6th May 2008 2:09pm

He is nervous about Moody stunning him, but he isn't concerned about Snape or Dumbledore...that doesn't really seem to fit.

Moody is a paranoid old man, who lost an eye, leg, and nose to dark wizards. That doesn't exactly imbue me with confidence in his abilities.

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Saturday 29th March 2008 10:33pm

Now that's a great way to end a story!

Armand posted a comment on Thursday 13th March 2008 1:39pm

ok, i'm finally reviewing after reading this story for the second time, lol. i got to say this tho. Tonks is WAY, WAY OOC...Blonde and well built, wtf, tonks ain't shallow, hense her falling in love with Remus, but it is after all your story, and if you want some charactors to act really OOC than hey who am i to argue(like Harry being a ******* idiot, its ok to have a really angry Harry, but him bitching McGonagall out was totally wrong, be angry at the right people, Fudge, Umbridge and Dumbledore, i think the OOC tonks shoulda did more than dug her fingernails into Harry, but thats neither here nor there...), like i said, just a few minor(imo) charactor flaws to an otherwise wonderful story...but of course i wouldn't be reading it again if i didn't think it wasn't any good. so i'll be reading on, hoping you finish the 3rd chapter of this series soon. :)

Sadrice posted a comment on Friday 7th March 2008 9:56am

I don't think Harry should have thrown so much furniture. It might be inbtimidating, but it's kinda tantamount to throwing yourself on the ground and kicking and screaming.

Also, why the hell would you be able to open a direct floo connection from a public place to Dumbles' office and pass enchanted items through without the headmaster's consent? That is an absurd hole in security. People could just drop bombs and assorted cursed items, and perhaps monitoring devices, in what should be one of the most secure areas in Hogwarts. I suppose it's possible that it's keyed to certain people, and anyone not on a "Trusted List" wouldn't be able to open the connection, but I'm inclined to doubt that after all his efforts to keep Harry down Dumbles would just give him top level security clearances without taking the oppurtunity to use it to manipulate Harry into doing something.

Sadrice posted a comment on Friday 7th March 2008 3:31am



Sadrice posted a comment on Friday 7th March 2008 1:49am

"There was another student a few years ago at Hogwarts. His mother died and his father disowned him as a child. He spent his childhood growing up unloved, unwelcome and unhappy. Once he turned eleven, he loved his time at Hogwarts, but no matter what he wanted, Dumbledore kept sending him back to the orphanage during the summer." I slammed the lid of my trunk shut and spun to face my old professor.

Actually, Armando Dippet was Headmaster when Riddle was in school, and it was Dippet who he met with and begged to be allowed to stay at the school during break. Dumbles was just the Transfiguration professor.

Sadrice posted a comment on Thursday 6th March 2008 10:37pm

The chapter title ought to be "Consequences"...

Decumo9 posted a comment on Sunday 2nd March 2008 7:16pm

A random burst of curiosity, but are you going to pair Tonks with Remus, like 99 percent of other fanfic writers?

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 27th February 2008 9:30pm

Very nice. Harry's sense of irony is disturbing.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 27th February 2008 9:08pm

Yay, Harry!

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Sunday 24th February 2008 7:17pm

Okay, what?! Oh, Lord, Zab's short for Zabini, isn't it?

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Sunday 24th February 2008 6:48pm

Moody is cool! I like Moody. He actually seems to want what Harry wants and needs, rather than what the Wizarding world seems to want or need, or even think they do. Yeah, Moody!

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Sunday 24th February 2008 6:06pm

I think the only appropriate comment here is 'Oh, SHIT!" Harry just confessed to using an unforgivable against another person. And fuck alone knows what else.

FrequencyQueen posted a comment on Friday 1st February 2008 2:37pm

Great story! I liked how Harry got free and stood his ground. He owes Moody a big one. Zab was written very well, and I liked the psychology angle you used. I'd like to see more about Zab sometime.

twinheart posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 6:36am

I just found this story- read it straight through! Absolutely brilliant. I loved the telling from Harry's POV in first person! And you have a wicked sense of humor! Loved it. . .going off to start the sequel now. Excellent work, mate! posted a comment on Monday 10th December 2007 11:46am

Wow. This is amazing funny and just really really good. LOL though