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uthamm posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 12:45pm


I love it. I totally love it.
Vindictive!Harry with Blaise, Hermione, Ron and a BASILISK!?! Not to mention that I suspect Zab is a bit fonder of Harry than he has let on . . they will never know what hit them.


Aelita posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 11:55am

This was great, I love Harry's plans for the rest of the wizarding world and Draco. Awesome job, can't wait for the next update!

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 11:49am

Looking forward to Harry's attack on Draco's line. That's going to be funny - dead Draco unable to actively respond.

I must say (probably again) I love your writing, and despite the limitted view of a first person story, you make it exciting and enjoyable.

Thank you.

Tom A.

FenrisWolf posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 10:29am

Excellent chapter, well worth the wait, though now you have me all a-twitch to know what happened to Hermione, especially with the hints that it's something likely to make Harry go postal when he hears about it. Hopefully this is a sign that just perhaps the romantic rift between them will be healed before the end of the tale. And though I admit it's unlikely, perhaps the rift between Hermione and Blaise as well.

Dellaran posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 9:42am

Wow. Harry, Blaise, and Hermione united, pissed off, and free to act. If I were one of Harry's enemies, I think I'd just go off somewhere quiet and kill myself to save them the trouble.

It's especially gratifying to see Hermione taking some initiative at the end of this chapter. I agree with your harry that her strength is one of her most attractive qualities, but she hasn't shown it for a while. I'm glad to see her coming back.

Looking forward to more!

Michael69 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 9:08am

awesome story!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 9:07am

*chuckle* I wonder if he's going to have fun interrupting his own funeral? As I remember, that was the climax and end of Capricorn One with the three supposedly dead astronauts interrupting their own funeral at Arlington and exposing a government fraud, cover-up, and conspiracy.

I loved Blaise's and Ron's reactions but I really have to wonder about Hermione's. From the shifts in her behavior, I have to suspect something major, the most likely would be that she found herself pregnant by Harry, the second most likely being that something happened, after she split from Harry, 'tween her and Ron; I'll definitely be interested in seeing what all is happening, here. I did think it was amusing that the Vatican thinks he's dead and Dumbles doesn't believe it; for all their disagreements, Dumbles does seem to have remarkable faith in Harry - or is it simply sheer desperation on his part? In any case, great chapter that really leaves me looking forward to the next one. posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 8:59am

Outstanding chapter!!!! So Harry has a new pet in the Basilisk I take it???? Will we be seeing more of Harry's plan for the Wizarding world???? Will we be seeing a rekindling of Harry/Blaise/Hermione relationship or is that over with for good???? Will we find out what happened to Hermione while Harry was gone???? If we do will we be seeing Harry going into a rage and killing people for what they did to Hermione???? Will Harry be telling Zab about him being alive and will he also be telling the Weasley's he's alive also???? Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please!!!!:):):):)

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 8:46am


Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 8:21am

Very well done here, and definitely looking forward to Hermione's big reveal, and what Harry will do afterwards, as to maybe she was assaulted, or maybe pregnant, and if so, who the perp or father might be? Fun to think of how Harry will tear Malfoy down hard when it's all over, and what all his further plans or the wizarding world play out later on.

morriganscrow posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 7:48am

A finely crafted, entertaining chapter.
Is Hermione pregnant?

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 7:35am

Always good to see an update to one of my favorite fics.

Excellent job as always, but I'm looking forward to another action packed chapter.

I like your basilisk and hope he gets the opportunity to eat Darius.

gadriam posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 7:15am

Most amusing. Hermione was brilliant as clinically depressed, although i believe i have figured out the cause as well. I'm usually wrong, though. The basilisk was rather charming, and it stands to reason that an animal that big would have a large brain as well. That's why elephants don't have lawyers or politicians, don'tyeknow.


Crys posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 6:55am

> I grinned at him. "I’ve never set foot in St. Mungo’s in my life," I replied.
Er, yeah, he did. Christmas durign OotP, visiting Arthur after Nagini bit him. Unless your AU covers that (can't remember at the moment)

> "I have my reasons." She glanced over at Blaise, and bit her bottom lip.
*frown* *think* Pregnant? No, she's too hacked off at the Ministry directly . . . Ah, lost status (muggleborn that she is) now that she doesn't have Harry as a benefactor?

> Secrets always bugged me. That is, secrets kept from me. Secrets I kept were fine.
*wry grin* Pot, kettle.

Here's to hoping Hermione's occlumency barriers are up to the challenge.

Highly entertaining chapter. Loved how Ron reacted to the dementors and everything. Such a simple, open personality is refreshing with all the convoluted politics Harry has to deal with all the time.

jatkinson posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 6:51am

Well we finally get to meet Hermione again after all this time, and it seems something terrible has happened to her while during Harry's enforced absence. Judging from the descriptions of Hermione's emotions I have strong suspicions she was raped, which if she had told Harry would send him in such a blind rage he would potentially destroy everything. I really wish though that Harry and Hermione would get the chance to have that LONG conversation they need to have, this has been one of the most frustrating and upsetting threads in this story.

Tom Mathews posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 6:28am

A weepy, emotional Hermione?

I wonder if she is eating pickel falovered ice-cream with choclate sauce and getting a bit fat in the next six months(three months have already passed)

Ah well, at least Harry got a good prixe from being detaiend by Fudge.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 6:06am

Yes you do seem rather fond of the Hermione mystery/drama/angst bit, don't you.

Of course her keeping a secret after everything isn't going to endear herself to Harry.

I'm beginning to wonder where the characters fit in this post Azkaban Harry's world. Blaise didn't really seem to fit this chapter, and you left the Hermione thing with more issues than you started with.

Here is hoping the next chapter clarifies things a bit.

Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 5:47am

Oh this is great, so Harry's finally had it and is going to take the wizarding world to task? I hope you don't make us wait to long to find out what Hermione's deal is, something happened that seems to have softened Blaise's stance towards her a tad, which means it was probably bad. Ron's reaction to the whole situation was great as well. Outstanding chapter, thank you.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2008 5:26am

Good chapter. I did notice a mistake, however in: "...his existence is far too useful to just for me to just murder him in cold blood."

And I see I was correct in predicting Harry would play dead for a while and wreck havoc.

After all the drama with Hermione in the previous story, I found it a bit frustrating that now there's some new drama with her going on. You couldn't give Blaise a turn? :-)

Between DD and Darius-the-spymaster, I'm thinking Hermione will give away that Harry's still alive some how.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Nanio posted a comment on Saturday 26th April 2008 12:00am

Now that is an awesome way to break out of Azkaban. I love how your Harry is such a scrapper. Most people never really think about how resourceful Harry really is.

So what has he lost so far? Both wands, his gloves, his invisibility cloak, his time-turner... and a bunch of other stuff i can't think of. it's going to be a bi*** for him to replace all of those things, I bet.