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Wolfric posted a comment on Friday 23rd October 2009 12:35pm

Fine chapter. I like how the plot is progressing. The bit with Falcone was lots of fun. My guess is that Zab got himself free but I am by no means certain. Thanks for writing. W.

Michael69 posted a comment on Friday 23rd October 2009 11:52am


kahris posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 5:29am


been following this group of fics
since bout chapter 6 of apprentice potter
love the series and prob read wat is up so far bout 5 times at least (sad I know) good luck and keep up the great work

HellsMaji posted a comment on Wednesday 14th October 2009 12:19am

I've seldom seen such a well written story (series, really). It's very impressive work on your part, and some of my most favorite. I love the way you've seemingly had Harry turn the tables on Zab, and the way you've connected all the intrigue and mystery so seemlessly is very quaint. All in all, very nice.

The French Dark Lord posted a comment on Thursday 1st October 2009 10:27pm

I Jusut love it man, this si one one the best "wizarding revolution" fic I've read so far!
Keep up the good work!

Ratboy posted a comment on Thursday 1st October 2009 9:44pm

A very interesting series. I started this the other night and just finished it up. I do like it and hope to read more of it in the future.

GlyphStalker posted a comment on Thursday 17th September 2009 7:10am

Absolutely Excellent.

Looking forward to reading more of your work!

The last paragraph of this chapter was wonderfully executed.

Thank you for an entertaining read in this series, I shall look forward to reading your other works on the weekend!

Tracey1 posted a comment on Thursday 17th September 2009 6:44am

Last time I read apprentice potter the other 2 stories had not yet been written. I'm glad I went back to re-read it and to my utter delight found 2 more stories that have kept me enthralled. I really like your concept of angry harry and look forward to the next installment. Keep up the good work.

Kortir posted a comment on Tuesday 15th September 2009 6:29pm

Hehehe. I love Destructive!Harry. The past few chapters have been some of my favorites of any story in a long while. I wonder if it's a bad thing that, when a business is run by bigots, I tend to giggle at the arson.

I especially enjoyed the last paragraph. "Risk management" has no place in the wizarding world so far :) I tend to be appalled at the fanfics that show it to be otherwise- it's pretty clearly one of everything.

There must be more places for him to hit, though. Plenty of deserving purebloods.

What about public works? Overloading sanitation charms, disabling public transit (floo) and mail, breakdowns for the ministry to fix? Just a thought. :)

Mikito posted a comment on Monday 14th September 2009 11:06am


I wast just re-reading your fic for the umpteenth time when I realized I've never reviewed this fic. Now I'm very bad at leaving reviews, but considering the amount of times I've read this fic it seemed appropiate to review at least once. :P

So, as you can probably guess from the amount of times I've read it, I really like this triology! Do you happen to have the first 2 complete parts stored somewhere in one or two files?

Keep up the good work!

Finwitch posted a comment on Sunday 13th September 2009 9:47am

This is great! I'm guessing Harry will have the Basilisk (plus the items from Vatican) in the Vault waiting for Mr. Croaker?

I liked how he set Dobby to hide the last Horcrux and only Dobby knows where it is... Very funny!

peruvianprincess posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2009 4:47pm

This is fabulous! What a fun read! I can't stop using exclamation points! Worth waiting 6 months for!

skippy posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2009 10:48am

Fantastic trilogy - Looking forward to the next chapters. Please keep up the EXCELLENT writing

HarnGin posted a comment on Saturday 5th September 2009 11:40pm


I just found your trilogy today and I have stayed up to an ungodly hour to finish it! It's wonderful. Thanks for writing. I look forward to the next installment.

Crys posted a comment on Saturday 5th September 2009 5:44am

Surprising that Zab has such a blind spot. He really can't see that Harry's objective is to break the pureblood control? Is such a thing actuall so incredibly foreign to his thinking that he truly cannot see it?

Fun chapter. Fights, mayhem, and naked women. What more could we want from a fic?

PS: Hope your move went okay.

vheritas posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 8:54pm

Lovely! Poor Zeb is only just becoming aquainted with the saying "I've created a monster!" I have a feeling more is on the way....

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 8:11pm

Awsome chapter, I wonder what Blaze's reaction to Harrys prisonner. I wonder if Harry is going to buy up LXM assets.

Thanks for writing

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 7:17pm

Master Zab got his ass handed to him, awesome. :-)

I'll be very interested to see what you arranged for Croaker. A Portkey to see the basilisk maybe? Probably not, it's already been used.

Hope your move went well and that you do well in your new house and job.

Great chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.

Taegeous posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 4:47pm

Great chapter. Really like how Harry has stepped out of the shadow of his former Master, and is fighting for what he believes in. The love triangle's got me confused some. Blaise calls Ron by his first name, but refers to Hermione by her last name. I'm guessing that deep down, Blaise still feels threatened by her.

brad posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 3:13pm

Hmmm, I dunno. I've always hated vandals, it's always so much easier to destroy than to create. Now we have our (hero?) Harry knocking everything down. Yes, I understand he's excising the pure-blood cancer/assets/control from wizarding society, but still ... it's a bit thuggish, all the same, even if executed cleverly.

I don't understand why Zab was protecting the ship (particularly given that he's supposed to be hiding from the magical world. Well, I guess that's where the polyjuice comes in). And I wonder if Harry was wise in giving his former Master all that insight into his plans? It's a classic 'evil overlord' blunder, after all.

A clever detail, making the termites male, so they couldn't breed. I'd been worried about that.

Thanks for continuing your story.