Content Harry Potter Crossovers


noreenklose posted a comment on Monday 2nd April 2018 7:50pm

Excellent story. I suppose the portkey goes directly to the Ministry holding cells. Oh, well...on to Master Potter which I wish you had finished. Thank you for writing. I enjoyed reading this series.

Fic Chick posted a comment on Friday 3rd November 2017 10:08pm

I gotta say that Snape's death was kinda disappointing...sorta anticlimactic.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Monday 11th August 2014 4:07am

Clever, creative, and very hard for me to stop reading! I want to know what happens but I'm sorry it's near the end of the story.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Monday 11th August 2014 12:42am

I can see what's coming . . . unless there's a carrying capacity limit for a portkey, the Vatican is in for a real surprise!!

gtgrouch posted a comment on Sunday 10th August 2014 7:20pm

It's about time that someone thought of this kind of heist!

gtgrouch posted a comment on Sunday 10th August 2014 2:34pm

Aha! Harry Potter meets spaghetti western. Done well, too!

gtgrouch posted a comment on Sunday 10th August 2014 3:06am

Oh joy.

But it makes a good premise for a story!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Thursday 19th June 2014 9:31am

PLEASE, for the love of Merlin, FINISH. MASTER. POTTER?! PLEASE?

sfjoellen posted a comment on Saturday 17th August 2013 12:45am

a worderful story, you are as good as the best, robst, lorddwar.. those guys.

Andrius posted a comment on Tuesday 11th September 2012 6:03pm

I'm torn here - on one hand, I'd like to see Harry act more maturely and deal with Snape and Dumbledore in a calmer way. On the other hand, Snape getting what's coming to him is so, so satisfying.

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Friday 9th December 2011 9:39pm

This is a pretty good story overall. I only really saw a couple issues. First his relationships with Blaise and Hermione seem a bit weak in this story. It may have been useful to spend more time on them. Second, the use of a time turner to get out of jams is perhaps a bit convenient.

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Friday 9th December 2011 4:19am

This is a reread for me. This remains a quite compelling story, if perhaps not quite as interesting as on the first read. I thought the part where Harry accidentally killed Snape followed with Hermione leaving was fairly believable, particularly since Harry said something stupid accidentally. I don't actually recall any other stories where Harry kills Snape accidentally. Realistically, given the power in the Harry Potter magical world that everyone carries around, it would be realistic for there to be more accidents like that.

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Thursday 8th December 2011 4:59am

This is an interesting start. While it is obviously too late to change things, a better continuation of this series might have been one that didn't involve Tom Riddle.

cassandramalory posted a comment on Saturday 9th April 2011 6:19pm

I really loved the prequel, apprentice potter, and I'm thoroughly enjoying this new story, I just have a small request. I am Italian, and the Falcone surname is quite well know, as that of a hero, a very brave judge assassinated by the mafia in May 1992. I know this is just fiction, and I will keep reading anyway because it's really one of the best works I've encountered so far, I just ask if you could change the name of this mafia guy, as a sign of respect. Have your pick among Riina, Provenzano, Badalamenti, or if you want something more from Rome, google "banda della magliana" for some known names. Those are actually mafia.
Thanks for understanding, and sorry if it took me so long.

delrusant posted a comment on Sunday 24th January 2010 8:30am

Unexpected ending with a lot of unresolved plots which make this fic less stand alone than most fanfic and professional novels. The pace and the story is very enjoyable and at least Draco's slytherin side appears per moments and Harry is not the only one who has progressed. In the mean time, the old cast continue to cling to power in every possible way and treachery appears not as an esaier way but as the only viable way in the political sphere of the wizarding world. In this view it is a bit to manichean whereas the only powerfull muggle figure (the pope) tries to take less (or only seems?) the treacherous way as the only one (it might be also because he takes more the bible to into its hearts instead of just keeping and seeking power.

Slytherdor7 posted a comment on Friday 19th June 2009 2:42pm

Great Fic. Can't wait to read the ending.
Please email me a notification when you update?

joeBob posted a comment on Wednesday 20th May 2009 7:55am

Revisiting series, better quality than "Apprentice"?

nancy in chicago posted a comment on Friday 15th May 2009 12:24am

funny story, cute kid!

crazynuts16 posted a comment on Sunday 12th April 2009 1:30pm

does the name "gunn high" mean anything to you?

kyoshi711 posted a comment on Monday 9th March 2009 2:11pm

Your writing is excellent. There is excitement going on all the time. I read some flicks and pray that eventually it will get better but they just drone on and on. Keep up the good work! Best regards