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MonCappy posted a comment on Monday 28th May 2007 8:29pm

He's going to take the basilisk to the Chamber of Secrets isn't he.

shw30 posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 7:27pm

is there a mailing list i can sign up for so i'm emailed when you update? your story is incredible! sorry- my email

shw30 posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 7:27pm

is there a mailing list i can sign up for so i'm emailed when you update? your story is incredible!

Rowan Falar posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 6:21am

Oh please oh please oh please tell me you'll be updating this soon? Pretty Please?

Joel Kingery posted a comment on Saturday 19th May 2007 1:40am

This has been the only fic written in first person that I enjoyed enough to disregard the format it was written. Well done. I look forward to it being finished.

Vongsawat posted a comment on Thursday 17th May 2007 8:43am

love ^^ cant wait to see what Harry's gonna do with a pet Basilisk lol. wonder if its gonna live for long... ahwell, really enjoyed the fic la, looking forward to the next installment

Oceanlover69 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd May 2007 5:35am

I have been reading your stories for a few days now - Apprentice Potter & Journeyman and I have to say you have captured my mind completely with your story, your character believeability and the action sequences. And, I DO love an Angry!Harry.

The way you have been using Ron as the one watching Harry's back is also much appreciated. Usually Ron is relegated to comic relief roles. I like a big powerful guy.

Keep writing and send more soon! I think Hogwarts will be getting another Basilisk soon along with a storehouse of very dark objects! ;-) Nice! I want to see Waldorf's face when that happens!

Thank again,

Gary V - Rhode Island

Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Monday 30th April 2007 8:29pm

I re-read my review and it read like it was coming from a pompous jackass. I meant everything I said but it doesn't properly convey the fact that I think you are an incredibly talented writer. - Erik

Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Sunday 29th April 2007 9:05pm

Well, except for the fact that this seems to be more Catholic bashing, it is an interesting story and you do have some talent. If I tell myself that this is just a fictional spin - simply to entertain, I find it enjoyable but I definitely wish you didn't go there "Jesus being a powerful wizard." Still, the other elements were entertaining and I plan on finishing this story.

Ravenclawchaser68 posted a comment on Saturday 28th April 2007 6:43am

I was bored the last couple days, so I reread all of this story and Apprentice Potter. I have to say, it's one of my favorite fanfic stories. I love the tension between H/Hr/B. I hope that Harry and Hermione get back together, but given Blaise's reaction to Hermione's lack of faith in Harry, I'm not sure if that would work well or not. I'm very much looking forward to Harry's conversation with Hermione. The action in the story is good too. Harry's remote casting is fairly original, and I like how you're dealing with the Horcruxes (horcruces? whatever.) I hope you find time to keep working on this story even with your new child. Congratulations (rather late) on that by the way. Anyway, thanks for keeping me entertained for the last two days!

fountaam posted a comment on Saturday 14th April 2007 12:05am

Nice. Empty it all into the Chamber of secrets.


archean posted a comment on Thursday 12th April 2007 10:41am

Amazing story, amazing cliffhanger.
I can't wait for the next chapter

Highschool Nerd posted a comment on Sunday 8th April 2007 6:06pm

Update soon please! Can't wait for more!

dave gerecke posted a comment on Monday 2nd April 2007 2:32pm

Just read the other reviews and realized that I am not alone in guessing that the Vatican is going to be missing not only the cache but the bloody snake as well.
Would love to see a penvsive of the Pope's and his Main Wizard's reaction.
Can we guess that Waldorf is going to be replaced!
Or even... for going against the Pope's wishes.

dave gerecke posted a comment on Monday 2nd April 2007 2:28pm

You evil so and so.
I know what you are going to do.
Please update soon so I can confirm my guess. or
I will not say so here, but if you could just drop a line to me at and I will tell you my guess.

Cadence posted a comment on Sunday 1st April 2007 8:27pm

Great story! I am extremely interested in how Harry is going to use this portkey to save the basilisk... assuming that is what is happening...

"Speak your mind, young one."

misumo posted a comment on Sunday 1st April 2007 2:50pm

Its over five weeks and still no update ???

What gives.

Jake posted a comment on Thursday 29th March 2007 5:08pm

Great story, I read apprentice and journey man more or less in one go. I can't wait to see what happens next, keep up the wonderful work and update soon!


mathiasgranger posted a comment on Friday 23rd March 2007 7:15am

Great series you have drafted up for us thus far.

The relationship dynamic between H/Hr/B I think is one of the best things the story has going for it.

Those that say Hermione should be out, haven't really been paying attention to the story thus far. Harry also has shown a propensity for being on the defensive so long that he does things without fully thinking out the consequences. That said he is light years ahead of the dolt JKR has led him to be in canon.

Hermione is too much of a moral absolutist at times and she definitely jumped way off of the handle earlier. But, Harry does need that to keep him in check for the dark times in his life. Snape's death just wasn't one of those times. A true friend will disagree with you when wrong, just like a good girlfriend will also.

Blaise is morally relative so Harry has support of the most important kinds throughout his journey between the two women. Blaise is more understanding about this, but then again she seems almost too agreeable about things at times which isn't always good either.

I love how you've intertwined canon around this universe and are still leaving us with that nice canon feel to it.

Thanks for writing,

patrik svensson posted a comment on Sunday 18th March 2007 5:35pm

Great story,
keep up the good work.