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timmerator posted a comment on Friday 7th July 2006 1:36pm

Dude! a well trained proactive Harry... Who would have thunk it??
I dig your way of thinkin' bro!! Please keep it burnin'.

Oh! oh... I mean... Good Show old chap!! 8-)


Jarvey posted a comment on Wednesday 28th June 2006 9:53am

Oi! Don't leave us hanging!

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 27th June 2006 8:20pm

What can I say? Harry said it for me:

"Hermione leaving [him] was a blow."

It was after only the last chapter, I think, that I was begging you to ensure that Hermione stayed the distance with Harry. And then I read this! Arrgh.

I'm not sure you've hit on Hermione's true reaction to Harry killing someone. Or maybe you have. I'm struggling to try and remember what canon!Hermione is like - and then the Apprentice Potter version extrapolated from same - and ignore the soft and fluffy fanon version that tends to dominate the fanfics. Well, the H/Hr ones, anyway.

Hermione in shock for most of the day - I think that makes sense. Accusing Harry of *murdering* Snape - rather than manslaughter - I don't think so. She was privy in full to Harry's thoughts immediately prior to their meeting, and should know him well enough to understand that he's neither a liar (to her) nor a cold -blooded killer.

Hermione more/ultimately worried about her career, and how the event affects *her*? Well, maybe. Certainly she's been cast as the one obeying all the rules throughout canon, and worried about breaking same. But I would have said the pre-HBP Hermione was more concerned at supporting Harry, keeping him alive, than in her own more mundane ambitions.

Still, in your universe, Harry ended up killing Voldemort, so maybe the 'SUPPORT HARRY' imperative in her mind eventually eroded.

Still, I'm bloody disappointed in Hermione for abandoning Harry like that. I dearly hope they hitch back up together.

This didn't ring true for me at all:

> I shook my head and said the first thing that came to me. "But we got away with it!"

Ugh. That just felt awkward and clumsy to me. I would have thought something like "But it was self-defence!" would have been the first thing to pop out.

As always I enjoyed the chapter; it's always refreshing to plunge into another first-person story. And the humour is always good stuff too, magical turkeys and all. Can't wait for the next installment, thanks for this one!

gaul2000 posted a comment on Saturday 24th June 2006 3:41pm

Enjoyed reading this alot, wonder how harry will talk in italian with out the stud, and what was stolen, also wonders if ddore possibly fake snape's death?, Keep up the good work, byes

Arkeus posted a comment on Wednesday 14th June 2006 12:52am

Hum... Really like this chapter. A bit worried with what's going to happen to everyone now, but harry really was in self defense so it won't be too hard for him to get off the courts? Oh, and your hermione's reaction was spot on: loyal to harry during the action but wanting answers and panicking once the adrelanine is down. Exellent.

MasterKtulu posted a comment on Tuesday 13th June 2006 5:10pm

You killed Snape! You actually killed Snape! You read stories all the time that Harry fantasies about killing Snape, but he doesn’t do it (Unless it’s one of those usually badly written stories about an evil psycho Harry). But here you are, having written a great in depth Harry Potter series (One of my all time favorite in fact) and you actually have Harry kill Snape off (Accidentally killed, but killed all the same). Well you’ve made my day, continue with the good work and I hope you’re able to update somewhat soon.

If this is some sort of trick, and Snape isn’t really dead but instead is part of one of Dumbledore’s schemes, I’ll be very angry with you! (But not too angry to actually stop reading you story)

Lucia posted a comment on Monday 12th June 2006 10:58am

What an ending. Poor Harry.
Snape's death was a bit anticlimatic. He had great promise in spicing up any story. I still think that because Albus was down there that long, they improvised a cunning plan and Severus is still alive. A cunning plan for what, is of course a whole different thing...
Hermione's and Blaize's views were interesting. So different but being there really does the difference.

alec_potter posted a comment on Monday 12th June 2006 6:04am

awesom chapter,the story is great...only problem is that you dont update fast.hermione acted shit...hope she suffers for it,blaise is way too cool.and it's a nice twist,robbery at gringots.lets see what happens next.update soon.

Master Slytherin posted a comment on Sunday 11th June 2006 10:42am

I've read Apprentice Potter and Journeyman Potter and both are now without a doubt the best stories I've read in the past twelve months.

At first I was reluctant to read as I caught whiff of the 1st person but it really does work. In most other 3rd person situations, Harry would look like a spoiled bastard but here we get his reasoning behind it.

What I also love is the fact that every single chapter is relevant. Every single chapter is interesting and captivating in its own right and have some way of driving the plot forward. No 108 chapters where you have to skim over most of it but 100% relevant. I don't think I even skimmed over a paragraph even it was so good, it was almost like a real novel in that sense.

I'm happy Snape's dead now, you almost overused the Snape!bashing card but the death came almost at the right time. I hope with everything I can hope on that Hermione is no longer part of the love triangle. They'll tentatively make up and go back to friends leaving my favourite character Blaise to share a proper realtionship with Harry (yeah you can call me traditional or realistic or whatever but two girlfriends just can't work even for the best authors, this fic showed that). If that happens, this will be the best fanfiction I've ever read.

My favourite parts are perhaps the subtle jokes you add in (for example asking a priest who is sworn to celibacy about pregnancy help >_<), they really lighten the mood and make it entertaining (something some overly serious authors, should take note of). The duelling was also well done and the fact that we weren't given minute-by-minute accounts of what Harry was doing througout the year was another added bonus.

I was wondering where you had gone off to after Midnight Duel, Midday Love was taken off for whatever reason and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this fic tops it. Wonderful.

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 11th June 2006 4:15am

A quite desturbing chapter. It is so hard to believe that Snape could be dead. He has been the "evil" element from the beginning right after Voldemort! I can see Hermione going off at a tangent. She can be very volatile! Still I really enjoyed the twist you have put into this story. I am curious to see how this plays out. Thank you for writing. pms

MarkH posted a comment on Saturday 10th June 2006 11:07pm

OK, so loved the interaction with Prof McG! Frankly, i've never understood the seeming acceptance that the other teachers have shown to Snape's attitudes and behavours.

Hermione's reaction surprised me a little. And i must admit that I find myself thinking that Harry may be better off without her if she is going to continue to "... think the worst" of him everytime something happens.

Keep up the great work though, especially the ongoing growth of the Harry Potter character itself.

benjo posted a comment on Saturday 10th June 2006 9:06pm

Very surprising chapter. I didn't think that Snape would actually die. I'm sort of sad that he died. After all he is a source of great amusement in this fic.

Hopefully Harry is right about Hermione. Please don't make them really break up. One of the things that I like in the story is Harry having to juggle two girlfriends. With all the trouble he had with his life, Harry deserves two girlfriends. Considering that Harry has Blaise I don't think that Hermione would not to be away for too long.

Please update soon and have Hermione back with Harry.

freakyfinger posted a comment on Saturday 10th June 2006 8:44pm

Oh robbery . . .not good . . . not good at all.

terreo posted a comment on Saturday 10th June 2006 8:00pm

i don't think i've ever laughed so hard..that was classic. thanks.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Saturday 10th June 2006 5:46pm

Oh, man!
I love how you're pulling the story along with canon and still maintaining the integrity of your AU. I also like Harry better this chapter. He's almost nastier than I can stomach in some of the others.

Alan posted a comment on Saturday 10th June 2006 10:24am

Nice! I don't mind waiting if it's for quality writing like this. Thanks for sharing.

stephen1 posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 11:12pm

I must agree with both Kinsfire and my father , Hermione has overeacted to one more of the persons Harry has killed to defend himself , however i would understand completely if Blaise was the one to put some lead in her head (french idiom) and show her the pain he goes through before making her come back .

stephen1 posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 11:08pm

I am sorry that even moving out of my parents house has not protected me , once again because of you , and only you i must stress , i am banned from reading at night while my roommates are asleep , the mental sight of Fawkes dripping wet sent me into peals of laughters that left me quite breathless and my roommates quite awake . keep it up this story is one of the greatest .

Crys posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 4:25pm

Killed Snape? Huh.

Now, would AD's absently acting as if he lost something be an indication of a long-standing enchantment having been recently broken?

Just loved the Fawkes scene(s).

If I had to guess at the timing of the Gringotts note, I'd have to say that Hermione told someone powerful (Croaker maybe) while under the impression that Harry is evil and needs to be screwed with in any way possible.

The info she has is too important NOT to get out, so she has to decide who gets it. Powerful, good, and not AD (who is less than proactive on many things) or Harry (whom she considers to be evil).

Of course, that's all just assuming that the note from Gringotts doesn't go on to say, "your lowest security vault was broken into and your chocolate frog collection was stolen."

As to Hermione, once she engages her brain with the thought that, "Harry didn't actually intend to kill him," she'll sort it out quickly. Harry's unfortunate comment certainly isn't helping her current opinion.

Lastly, let me guess. Blaise, proving she loves Harry, will go and explain things to Hermione.

Prince Charon posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 2:10pm

Very interesting, in a painful, angsty way.

Sort of glad Snape is dead, sad that Hermione thinks it was intentional. Hopefully, Harry will be able to explain himself to her sometime soon, before she does something foolish.

More soon, please.