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Mayjest posted a comment on Friday 23rd February 2007 4:01am

Ahhh, you're gonna move the entire stockpile AND the basilisk to the Chamber! Genius! Sheer brilliance.

But wouldyou sort out Harry's relationships already! I know romance isn't your focus, but it's depressing to not know what's happening!

Lufio posted a comment on Friday 23rd February 2007 3:38am

Nice. I was expecting Harry to spare the basilisk, but I wasn't expecting the acquisition of both the basilisk and its hoard.

Particle_Accelerator posted a comment on Wednesday 21st February 2007 9:29pm

I know I already reviewed, but I had a few more thoughts - especially pertaining to Harry's rage. Yes, not anger, but mind consuming rage. It seems to me that rage has become his driving force. I can understand him lashing out in 5th year, maybe a bit in 6th year. But his continued instantaneous rage at anything that he perceives to be to his disliking (the Ministry, Dumbledore, Snape) is rather disheartening. As his his refusal to cooperate with anyone in authority. He is taking the worst of Voldemort and the worst of Dumbledore and melding them into a completely wrathful persona who is a master manipulator of his own. Heck, he committed at least first degree manslaughter, if not second degree murder a few chapters ago and he IS OKAY WITH IT! Snape's death wasn't self defense - Harry provoked him into the situation and when he could have used the wand frying spell, he instead shoved Snape down the stairs. That alone, never mind the defenestration implies intent to cause severe bodily harm to a clearly over matched opponent. Not that I am defending Snape, mind you, just that I am appalled at Harry's recent actions and motivations. He's become more Salazar than Godric, if you will. And Blaise, and to an extent Zab, seem to be encouraging it. He has been mistreating Hermione and "using" her for her reactions, and every little thing he does has just pushed her farther away. Again, this could be seen as Blaise's influence to finally "win" Harry. Kind of HBP Ginny-esque, scarily enough. I really enjoyed the by-play that you had developed early on with Blaise and Hermione, but Blaise has become rather caustic of late, and Hermione way too subdued. Please bring back the spitfire, but adorable Blaise we saw in Apprentice and have her and Hermione bring Harry back from the edge of turning truly dark. Because he is really only one more step away from never being able to come back.


Just a random thought - maybe Harry should be checked for influencing spells...

Particle_Accelerator posted a comment on Wednesday 21st February 2007 4:16pm

Don't break Hermione and Harry up! I love Hermione's interactions with Blaise, and I think they all need each other, whether they know it or not. Hermione and Blaise need to work on calming harry down - the incessant anger is going to kill him if they don't.

jon posted a comment on Saturday 30th December 2006 6:59pm

i love this story. very very well written and it is simply awesome.

kainboa posted a comment on Thursday 21st December 2006 6:11am

great story so far, can't wait to see it updated

Intelligo posted a comment on Wednesday 20th December 2006 1:44pm

Cool stuff man. Can't wait to see what Harry finds in the Vatican.

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Monday 18th December 2006 7:47am

Very interesting dynamics between Harry and Dumbledore. I'm surprised he gave as much agreement as he had to DD.

From the story, it sounds like he'd be better off with Blaise as spouse and Hermione as a friend.

The thing with the vatican, and Zab's letter sound like the making of another mess. I can see Zab asking for the dark objects, too.

Good story. Thanks for writing.

Tom A

Papa MidNite posted a comment on Monday 18th December 2006 7:13am

good chapter

Tom Hackwood posted a comment on Monday 18th December 2006 3:04am

A decent chapter that seems to be pulling things together for Harry's next big adventure. I'm kind of hoping that the whole Snape thing blows over soon. The ending with Accio was great!

I'm little mixed about Harry's relationship with Hermione. I think the direction you are taking the two of them is sad. I also think it is a bit more realistic.

Realistic or not, I'm a romantic and I would much rather read a story that has Harry, Blaise and Hermione having a close (and romantic) relationship - this is one of the things that attracted me to the story.

Euphemism posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 3:50pm

Great chapter, but, argh, you're still putting off the confrontation with Hermione. It looks like the H/Hr relationship is over (the relationship part of it, anyway), but there may still be room for change. Seems very unlikely, though.

Rest of it was very much fun, though. ^_^

brad posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 3:13pm

Great to see another update, something to spruce up my weekend. Thanks!

But first things first ... Hermione!!! How could you?!?! You're going to have them become ... 'just friends' ... aren't you? Harry asks Ginny the 'girlfriend or even friends' question, she replies 'friends'. Blaise basically puts up a huge roadblock; their triumvirate worked before because both girls were amenable, but now she's forcing Harry to be a two-timer if he wants them both. I'm not sure anyone of good character and raised in the Muggle world - Harry, Hermione or myself - would want him to be in love with the two girls 'separately'. The magic of your/their solution at the end of Apprentice Potter is gone.

Wah! How could you, Hermione!! How could you, Draco!!!

So one of the solid constants of HP for me, Hermione's unflagging support of Harry, even when Ron proved unfaithful (funny how I always forget the sixth book of canon) has been ripped away by the cruel author; a few chapters ago, but recognised here by Harry. Rats.

I'm glad Harry apologised - to both Hogwarts (nice!) and also Albus - he wouldn't have been in character if you hadn't had him do so.

And I must again salute your brilliance in having Dumbledore under the influence of a ... what would you call it? 'Agreeable Imperius'? 'Hypnotic, lightweight Imperius'? Bloody great idea, as I mentioned in the previous chapter. And so it is established in your universe that Snape was a bona-fide Death Eater, in Tom's camp.

Curious as to the spreading 'affliction' on Dumbledore's arm ...

Christ a 'powerful wizard' -- oh dear. Have you ruffled more feathers, I'll have to read the reviews after this. Although you still don't preclude his being the Son of God (as well) I guess ...

Good chapter, thanks again for the read!

Merle posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 12:29pm

The fact that Dumbledore was actually under the imperious curse was quite a novel idea. The Harry/Dumbledore interactions are a lot of fun to read! Looking forward to Harry and Hermione's conversation, although it seems like that relationship will not be repair, unfortunately.

Cu posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 12:50am

- Dumbly can't throw the imperius curse.
- Dumbly opened the locket.
- Dumbly wants Harry to collect some dark stuff for him.

Glat to see you are in good shape again. More Zab, please.

The Resident posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 12:32am

I really wonder if DD will ever 'wake up' and 'smell the roses'. He's been living in his own dream world for so long that I doubt reality will ever truly make its way into his consciousness. Anyway, I do hope Hermione gets her head out of her ass and learns to 'think' rather than memorize and starts to control her emotions a little better. Keep up the great work and I hope you can update soon.

John posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 12:29am

Fantastic chapter, as always. Too bad we didn't get to see any interaction between Harry and Hermione (and her skewed perspective of what happened), but I guess you'll get to that later.

Can't wait for more.

jon posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 7:43pm

and now i'm left with an unfinished story. Do you know how often you'll be updating? so i don't come round here every day and never find a chapter? lol, good story though.


jon posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 6:39pm

throwing snape out of the window? brilliant. brilliant sand awesome, and yet people are still kind'ove in character, ande the imperius theory is soemthign i've never thought of before nad I've done a lot of theorizing about harry potter after reading each book about 30 times each.... cool! I love this story

jon posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 6:11pm

awesome! except couldn't he just have duplicated Ravenclaw's book so the knowledge wouldn't have been lost? seems logical to me.

jon posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 5:56pm

bad-ass. great fight sequence, the first hand really does somethign else for the fight sequences. great chappie.