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Lord Belial posted a comment on Thursday 15th March 2007 5:41pm

warg. you are mean! i love it when harry gets friendly with snakes. please update soon. im wetting my pants here in anticipation of dumbledores reaction after realising that voldies snake has been replaced by a new one twice its sice ^^

MrRigger posted a comment on Tuesday 13th March 2007 10:50am

Damn, that's good. I've enjoyed the story, and like your version of events. It should be great to have a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets again. I just want to see how the Church sees this, and if Waldorf will try to kill Harry. Probably. Sucks for him.

darthloki posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 6:42pm

For some reason my last review didn't show up, here here goes...

*laughs hysterically*
There are times when Harry is pure evil. I can't wait to see the Vatican's reaction (especially Waldorf's!) when Harry not only vanishes, but takes the basilisk AND the cache of stuff with him. Waldorf's going to be in some trouble, I'm thinking.

Don't let him get back together with Hr, she's got the wrong attitude towards him.

My fave lines:

"A muggle author once wrote that there are four different kinds of homicide, Professor. Felonious, excusable,
justifiable and praiseworthy. While it would make little difference to Snape himself, I’m quite sure three-quarters
of Wizarding Lawyers schooled at Hogwarts in the past fourteen years would argue that the death of Professor Snape
falls into the last classification."
I shrugged. "He can wait. So can the owl from the Pope. I need some advice."
One of Zab’s eyebrows migrated north. "Papal correspondence can wait? This sounds intriguing."
A veritable cascade of red, gold, and silver sparks erupted from the tips, which caused a number of small fires in Dumbledore's beard and hair.
You know, sometimes life just gives you a free kick. As much as I'd like to claim that, it was an accident.
I sighed with exaggerated pleasure and gave a little twist of my wrist, letting the wand in my right sleeve drop into my
waiting hand. "You know, it’s been months since anyone tried to kill me," I said casually. "I was beginning to feel
distinctly unappreciated."

Although that last comment was distinctly Riddleish.

Illusia posted a comment on Thursday 1st March 2007 7:27am

OMG! He is going to take all the artifacts and the basilisk :)
I wonder how long it'll take for a summon to come from the pope after that!
You know the plot twists are not the best thing in your stories. It's rather the sneaky way of how you build these things up.

Illusia posted a comment on Thursday 1st March 2007 5:37am

I have a question. Why does Harry expect that a killing curse would destroy a soul or a part of one? Cedric's soul wasn't destroyed for instance, it went on to the next great adventure and came back when Harry and Voldemort were locked in a duel. So did Lily Potter. So really Voldemort's soul part wasn't destroyed on that fatefull halloween and it was that part of him that was used in his resurrection.
Besides, according to CoS the horcrux only remembers things and history to the date it was created (Tom in the diary had little knowledge because he was created while Tom was in school) and because Riddle made the horcruxes years (?) before killing Harry, his new resurrected body wouldn't have had that much information in the grave yard, right?
Following this, Harry probably has a few more horcruxes to destroy... I was interested how basilisk venom did destroy that diary horcrux though. Was it destroying the item, the ink or did it destroy the magic?

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 27th February 2007 6:51pm

This was a great chapter. Now, I am sorry, but I have one word for you: UPDATE

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Tuesday 27th February 2007 7:49am

Ron pursed his lips together in an effort to keep from laughing.
-great job with Ron.

Excellent fight scene.

I mentally named her Bland.
"Then tell us what we want to know," he said softly.
-he/she mixup?

like some prophesized housemaid for the Light
-made me laugh

I was far more inclined to believe that it had been orchestrated to encourage me to lower my defenses
-Harry going to start shouting Constant Vigilence anytime soon?

My guess is that the Chamber of Secrets is going to be used again.

Thanks for such long chapters.

EricThorsen posted a comment on Monday 26th February 2007 7:27pm

Stupid church wizards... they never think that just maybe if you tick the serpent's bane off enough, he might make a deal with the serpent. And what pray tell is evil about a basilisk? Sure they can kill you with a glance and are immune to most magic. And can kill you with a scratch too... but what is "evil" about them? Stupid church wizards.

brad posted a comment on Monday 26th February 2007 6:40pm

Great chapter, a really satisfying perusal, even though I continue to be sort of miffed that Harry is more clever than I. :-) For example, I have no idea as to what he's cooking up with the basilisk. This 'thinking Harry' with the occasional references back to his master's training (how to handle Blaise, sussing out the Vatican's motivation in meeting him, etc - "I'm quite sure it was how Zab thought all the time") is a classic!

When Ron mentioned that his being Harry's friend put him in the firing line I thought the 'real' Harry Potter would have felt some guilt at that statement. Not sure about your Harry's just laughing it off that easily.

Okay, Harry's spot on with regard to Hermione's being half-contrite, half-petulant, but I still want them to get back together (please). Perhaps, deep down, she still considers herself to be Harry's (intellectual) superior, and not equals? Or just not used to being wrong (and apologising for same). Anyway, I'm looking forward to their upcoming conversation!

When it comes down to it it's the *people* that make a story (vis my concern about my Hermione making up with Harry). Well, okay, half a story, the plot's still important too. Anyway, things like Ron "covering Harry's back" is classic friendship that warms the heart, it's good stuff. Particularly when implemented, as we saw later.

Speaking of plots - and action - loved the battles. I wonder if Harry could have won his duel with the witch using only conventional means, but (again) Zab's advice was spot-on. The battle - her transfiguring spikes, etc - reminded me of the fight Harry had in the last chapter of your Harry/Cho novel, which was really excellent in how you melded various magical disciplines into one fascinating action sequence.

The hands-off 'stupefy' was just *excellent*. I wonder how much more mileage - kilometreage? - you can get out of that ability of Harry's? He'd still want to keep it secret ... maybe this was an except of impetuosity that Zab would have frowned on?

Why does Harry believe that he can 'escape easily', using the portkey, if earlier we were told that 'the wards here prevent any usage'?

Never thought of a mighty basilisk being so easily defeated with a 'humble rooster' ... reminds me of Superman and kryptonite, except that the latter is a more realistic/dramatic literary device, given the extreme rarity (well, except in DC's silver age, where kryptonite almost rained from the sky) of the mineral. That was an interesting concept, the geek in me thought.

Great chapter, great read, thanks!

IceBlades posted a comment on Monday 26th February 2007 8:42am

That was a great chapter. I am curious as to where you are going to place this behemoth of a serpent... Also, what is Harry going to do with all of the dark artifacts that he has down there? I mean, I know its not hard to pull a basilisk out with him, but to pull the entire contents with him? that is going to be interesting. I am guessing that there are hundreds if not thousand of objects, most of which are either cursed or infused with some type of evil...

Anyway, is there any "dark" armor or "dark" weaponry sitting down there that Harry could use at some point? That would be a nice bonus for him!

Until next time~

Happy writing,
IceBlades out-

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Sunday 25th February 2007 7:39pm

Oh, this is soooo GOOD! Wish the chapters were even longer! I can't wait to learn what deviousness Harry has planned...perhaps using the portkey to get the basilisk out with him and to where Dumbledore intends to store the items? Although a being that large might be a bit tricky to transport...

ranku posted a comment on Sunday 25th February 2007 5:05pm

Not sure if I ever reviewed this story, though I've always avidly awaited updates. The twists and turns you invest in your stories are quite enjoyable, and though this cliff hanger has a seemingly obvious ending to it (in that Harry will somehow transport the basilisk and its artifacts to the Chamber of Secrets), I'm never quite sure if what I believe will happen will be what actually does, which is why I enjoy your stories so greatly. Great job, and I hope for equal success in your future writing endeavors.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Sunday 25th February 2007 1:30pm

Oooh, that's a beautiful out. A new basilisk in the Chamber with a true purpose. I love it. Of course, he's going to piss off pretty much everybody...

Good chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.

Greg2 posted a comment on Sunday 25th February 2007 4:03am

Holy freaking crap this is a great story. I'm sure that you get this a lot, but this is one of the best written and most imaginative tales that I have ever read. You have taken J.K. Rowling's story and made it your own. Keep up the great work; I look forward to seeing where this story will go.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Saturday 24th February 2007 12:44pm

Ooh, excellent place to leave off! It's fun seeing Harry's new way of thinking. I must say that to my female mind, it's obvious that this was written by a man; you just go about things differently than I (or Jo) would. It's a LOT of fun!

Hoping your precious baby is well and letting you sleep, Michelle

Crys posted a comment on Saturday 24th February 2007 12:13pm

> What do you think? A priest, a lawyer and a police chief. There has to be a joke in there somewhere.
*laugh* Yeah, there does.

> "Speak your mind, young one."
*blink* Oh, Harry . . . Hmm, The Chamber is too obvious. A Potter property or maybe some place of Zab's?

Going to totally hose off the Vatican to do it, though.

Interesting to talk with the basilisk, though. Seeing it from his PoV, I mean.

I wonder how much of this whole thing with Waldorf is staged. Even at this point. Or is he really going rogue.

Layers of intrigue, here. Great stuff. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Riven posted a comment on Saturday 24th February 2007 8:58am

so now harry just has to steal all the dark artifacts and hold on to the snake while he uses the portkey, how ingenious.

Blackstone4005 posted a comment on Saturday 24th February 2007 8:42am

Thanks for a fabulous read. I feel like Ron in that I would wear out the memory of Snape's demise by viewing it over and over again. Your Harry is very witty and sarcastic. I have to be careful not to have hot beverages at hand when he gets going on a rant. It hurts a bit having coffee spew from the nostrils. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful work.
Thanks again,

Ramos posted a comment on Saturday 24th February 2007 8:28am

Oh, Holy $*!# -- You should forgive the pun. I can see this coming - He's going to steal the ENTIRE collection, and the basilisk!
BRILLIANT! I do love this story - I cannot wait to see Waldorf's reaction!

scott2 posted a comment on Saturday 24th February 2007 1:13am

great chapter and looking forward to what he has up his sleeves :)