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Adam posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 8:50am

Enjoyed the chapter, hope that Hermione come back though. Harry' 'but we got away with it' is a classic case of not engaging braim before opening mouth lol. but shock is like that though.

With how much Hermiones departure has upset Harry and I can see Blaise going to see her at some point.

hedwig_edwiges posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 7:58am

The dismiss of Snape came as a surprise to me. I had expect the git to shadow Harry around a bit more. Unless he is truly coming back as a ghost! Not even Peeves could stand that!

Ishtar posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 7:56am

Somebody ought to hand Hermione the page of a law book which defines "murder" and "self-defense". Little twit. Good riddance to her.

Now, I find myself thinking the robbery at Gringotts is just too coincidental. Dumbledore and Hermione were the only people that knew of the RAB locket. Dumbledore decided to pass this information along to Harry, figuring that would send him off looking for it - he may even have figured out where it was and that Harry was the only person who had access to it. He wouldn't have had any reason to arrange a robbery. But Hermione also knew of it, and may have come to the same conclusion, and I don't believe in coincidence to the point of chalking up to the workings of random chance the break-in just after she had a massive blow-up with Harry. So ... either she arranged the burglary herself, which seems wildly OOC even for a ticked-off Hermione, or somebody got the information from her (possibly Snape's swan song?) and whoever that info was passed to decided that he/she/it had to act immediately in order to get the horcrux before Harry/Dumbledore figured it out. I'm looking forward to finding out.

Loved the image of the soggy Fawkes, BTW.

Renzo7 posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 7:46am

excellent chapter, thank you for killing snape :D
Nice reaction from Hermione, and overall awesome chapter.
keep it up!

Quizer posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 7:11am

Snape dead! I should have seen that coming! Journeyman!Harry isn't one to make idle threats... ;)
The goblins should work on their vault security. This is already the second successful break-in; the Stone wasn't stolen solely for the reason it wasn't there.
Liked the scene with Fawkes. Wonder what the old bird's opinion about the old man is right now...
Wonder when Hermione will come around again. When she isn't engaging that brain of hers, she's startlingly prone to jumping to conclusions.

Great story! I'm looking forward to more of this! See you soon!


nonjon posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 6:33am


Killing Snape! Didn't see that one coming.
Hermione leaving, not as suprising, but certainly didn't see that one coming either.

"But we got away with it!" I can't even imagine how that seemed like something he wanted to say, but moments like those, brainfarts are standard. And you never know what'll come out of your mouth then.

Nice twists. Cute way to roast marshmallows too. Very enjoyable as always. More please.

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 5:32am

Too bad about Severus. Not that he's dead, but that he can't be bashed and beaten by Harry any more. And Albus will probably never look for the Imperius curse on himself.

Good chapter. The robery just as Harry figures out that the horcrux might be there is a little far fetched; It does mean several things, though - that someone knew that the horcrux in the cave was stolen, and that they either knew of the note signed by RAB or had a way of tracking the horcrux without that information. If the later, then Harry would be able to do it, too.

Good chapter. Thanks for updating.

Tom A.

amulder posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 3:04am

Well, that was unexpected...

Re: Hermione. This is one instance when your chosen writing style for this story is a negative. I say that, because I think it probably would be best if Blaise were the one to go an try to find Hermione and talk to her. Beneath her snarky exterior is a caring girl. Now, I know she'd rather have Harry to herself, but I do think she cares that Harry is hurting a lot right now.

The timing of the note at the end was almost too perfect. We'll just have to wait and see what you mean by it.

thanks for sharing

t_gebhardt posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 12:06am

to mangle a few proverbs:

speaking is silver silence is gold.


If Harry had kept silent, Hermione would have through of him as a sage.

So I guess both Harry and Hermione were in shock. Hermione more so since she almost laughed about the possibility of Snape dying as he was already dead.

ridmania posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 10:17pm

loved it keep up the stupendous work!!!

Hannah3 posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 10:15pm


Could the day get worse, I mean. I like this story, can't wait for an update.

AzureSky posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 9:04pm

Nice chapter. Yay, dead Snape = good.

Alex00 posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 8:44pm

Wonderful chapter.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 8:26pm

sure hope that hermione starts using her head in stead of jsut emotions at some point soon.

Nice chapter - I am going re-read the book up to this point during the next week and do really appreciate the work you put in.

10chi posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 8:15pm

Excellent chapter. I love your sense of humor. Fawkes roasting a marshmallow was too much fun. When I first started this story series, I felt that Harry was a tad too angry, but as the story has matured, he has developed into a wonderful character. This is probably one of my favorite Harry's. Again, excellent work... I look forward to more.

goddessa39 posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 7:57pm

Huh... continue.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 7:29pm

While on the one hand, it's great that Snape's finally gotten what he deserves, it's a pity Hermione's taken it so badly. At least Blaise is still there.

Great chapter, thanks for sharing it.

IP82 posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 7:20pm

I liked the twist with Snape, I haven't seen that one comming. Too bad you don't have him as a whipping boy any more, might have to find another victim for Harry's rants.

I didn't like Dumbledore's letter. It was too long and seemed like a rather forced way to finish up their conversation.

DarkPhoenix2500 posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 7:17pm

...As long as it was voldemort himself that broke into gringotts, or dumbledore, then im satisfied <_< seeing as only someone as powerful as them could break into gringotts @_@ as far as i know.......then again it is your story @_@ AH anyway, interesting delayed reaction harry had, and hermiones outburst.....was wow @_@ sad to think she believed he actually meant to kill him......personally, if she tried coming back i wouldnt let her, atleast for a little while, just to that fact she thought he could kill someone in cold blood. @_@ AH, UPDATE SOON! Please?

Ashwin posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 7:10pm

Cracking Chapter....loved especially the V for Vendetta tribute......

Story is progressing in quite a nice manner, only nit-picking i can do is that the updates are too slow....but i do realise real life keeps getting in the way so am not going to complain too much..

Waiting to read more into the Gringotts robbery